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Tulsi Manas Temple

One of the famous temples of Varanasi is Tulsi Manas temple, which is also known as Tulsi Birla Manas Mandir. The temple is situated in Durgakhand which is near to the Durga temple. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Rama and has fine-looking images of Lord Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman. In the Tulsi Manas temple statues of all gods and goddesses will be found which holds significance in the Hindu mythology. The walls of the temple are decorated with various types of Sorathas, Dohas, Chhandas and Chaupayees. The Tulsi Manas temple is named after the famous saint of the 16th century, Tulsidas.


The Tulsi Manas temple holds significance as it holds an important history of Hindu mythology. On the temple’s main gate Shri Tulsi Manas Mandir Haridwar is written, on the right entrance is a gorgeous garden and on the left hand side of the temple entrance gate is a beautiful pond with four ghats. Each water pool of the temple has statues symbolizing subjects from Hindu epics. In the center of the temple, pilgrims will find Ram Darbar which has statues of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. On the western bank of the temple there is statue of Goswani Tulsidasji, on the eastern ghat there is the statue of Shri Ashutosh Shankar which is Lord Shiva. On the northern ghat near the pond there is the statue of Shri Kakbhushundi and the statue of Shri Yagywalkaji Maharaj will be found on the southern banks of the temple.


The Tulsi Manas temple holds cultural and historical importance. Ramacharitmanas was written by saint Tulsidas which described the life history of Lord Rama in Kashi. Lord Rama was always known as a good king and was acclaimed for his deeds. The epic gained popularity due to which a temple was built many years later which was known as Tulsi Manas temple to worship Lord Rama.


The temple was constructed in the year 1964 with white marble which has attractive appeal and a landscaped garden. The temple was constructed by the family of Banaras, and since then became a famous tourist spot for pilgrims. The temple wall displays various scenes from the Ramacharitmanas.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the temple is during October to April.


The temple is open from 5.30 AM to noon till 12:30pm and then from 3.30 to 9 PM. The morning offering or arti is performed at 06:00 am and the evening arti is performed at 04:00 pm.

Visitor Information

The temple has no entry fee and can be visited all days in a week.

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