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Hanuman Dhara

Hanuman Dhara is basically a hill situated in Chitrakut having lord Hanuman’s idol. The stream of water continuously falls on his shoulder and the water flows to a small pit that is based downwards. The story behind this hill that after Rawan's lanka was burnt, Hanuman felt an unbearable burning sensation throughout his body. To get rid get rid of this burning sensation that he had all over his body, he climbed nearly 300 stairs the hilltop.


Chitrakoot is one of the holy places in India, which is visited by most of the people. As per the belief, the holy journey to Chitrakoot remains incomplete id one misses on paying a visit to the Hanuman Dhara. This temple is located on the hilltop and one has to climb 360 stairs to reach the main temple. The temple is itself carved out of the entire mountain being dedicated to lord Hanuman. The temple bears a rare 5 headed idol of lord Hanuman. There is a narrow stream of water emerging from the crevice of the rock falling directly upon the idol. In addition to this, there is also a well located close by and it never dries up. This well is also considered sacred and pious. As the mythological legend is associated with the natural spring, the temple gets its name from there. When Hanuman set Ravan’s kingdom on fire with his tail, his entire body was consumed in torturous flames due to which, he was is lot of pain. Seeing his agony, Lord Rama asked him to stand beneath the natural spring that will help him cool his body. From then onwards, this spring has got recognition as Hanuman Dhara.


The typical architecture of this temple is the demonstration of the narration of its history. As far as the architectural value is concerned, the sturdy structures are in lot of vogue making the temple look quite simple yet notable. This architecture appeals a lot of people during the festive seasons of Ramanavami, Deepawali, Amavasya, Makar Sankranti, Somwati Amavasyas, Sharad-Poornima, and many others.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport to Hanuman Dhara is the Satna airport, which is 70 KM away from the place. From the airport, taxis or other transport vehicles could be opted to reach Hanuman Dhara.

By Rail

The closest railway station to Hanuman Dhara is the Manikpur railway station Junction that is 25 KM away from the place. From the railway station, taxis or other transport vehicles could be opted to reach Hanuman Dhara.

By Road

City of Chitrakoot is well connected to other parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states through the roadways. This place being linked with important cities through roadways, many interstate buses are frequently under operation to take passengers to Hanuman Dhara. Roads are properly maintained to help travelers choose private travelling options for a visit here.

By Self-Transport

Apart from public transport, if anyone is opting to visit Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot, another set of journey can also be explored. Cycle rickshaws, private taxis and autos are made available for the visitors. Also, the minibuses and jeeps take travelers to Hanuman Dhara from almost any part of the Chitrakoot city.


This is quite a famous temple and people from all over the country come here to seek blessings and ask for forgiveness for their sinful acts. People of all age groups are found here worshiping with great devotions and charm. This place is also full of natural beauty and hence, considered to be a tourist spot too. God lovers, photo Fanatics and nature lovers would be found a lot in this place.

Visitor Information

  • Opening Hours- All days of the week 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Entry Fee- NA

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