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Anandeshwar Mandir

Anandeshwar Mandir is situated at Parmat in Civil Lines area of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This is a renowned Shiva temple. About 300,000 devotees are said to visit the temple to offer water during the ‘Shraavan’ period. Mahashivratri is an important festival of this temple.

The “Shiv Ling’ in this temple is believed to have appeared on its own.


According to legend, the owner of a cow called Anandi noticed that his cow used to shed its milk at a specific spot. Upon discovery he found that the cow shed her milk on a Shiv Ling!

Learning this, people tried to shift the Shiv Ling to another place, but they were unable to find the end of it even after several hours of digging the place! So, they built a temple at the very spot where the Shiv Ling was.

Today, the temple attracts tourists and devotees from all over India and even abroad. The ‘natural’ Shiv Ling of this place is the major attraction.


Anandeshwar Mandir features hundreds of bells. The unique feature of this temple is its 12-window main gate. The present building of the temple was constructed during the 18th century.

The temple has several idols of Hindu Gods, including Annapurna, Goddess Parvati, Kali, Kaal Bhairav, Lord Ganesha, and Kartik.

The chief Shiv Ling of the temple faces north. A silver pitcher is tied on the ceiling that lets ‘Gangajal’ (holy water of River Ganga) flow constantly on the Shiv Ling.

Temple Timings

Anandeshwar Mandir is open for visitors from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening, all weekdays.

Best Time to Visit

Months from October to April are the best to come to Kanpur. Summers are hot.

How to Reach

Kanpur is linked well to all main cities of India through rail, road, and air.

The nearest bus stop to Kanpur is Jhakarkati Bus Station. The biggest and the chief railway station of this city is Kanpur Central. The city has two domestic airports: Kanpur civil Airport and IIT Kanpur Airport.

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