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Sankat Mochan Temple

Sankat Mochan temple is situated in the southern part of the city of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh by the Assi River. This temple is one of the holy temples of Hindu god Hanuman, which is called Sankat Mochan as the god Hanuman is believed to give relief from all troubles. The temple is on the way while going to the new Vishwanath temple and Durga temple. Every year Hanuman Jayanti which is the birthday of god Hanuman is celebrated in an elaboration at the temple. A procession of primary deity, god Hanuman is started from Durga temple and taken to the Sankat Mochan temple. The temple distributes Prasad or offerings to pilgrims in the form of sweet besan ladoos. On usual days, the primary deity is ornamented with marigold flowers and garlands. The holy Sindoor is applied to the forehead of devotees.

The temple has a Sankat Mochan Foundation, which works towards safeguarding and cleaning the Ganges River. The foundation was established by Veer Bhadra Mishra in the year 1982; the foundations run various projects which are sponsored by foreign governments. The foundation is working from last 25 years on a program known as Swatcha Ganga Abhiyan.


The Sankat Mochan temple is said to be originated by Tulsidas and is also built on the smudge where Tulsidas had a revelation for god Hanuman. Tulsidas is the author of Ramacharitmanas. As per mythology the visitors who visit the temple regularly will be bestowed with special favors from the god. As per Vedas, god Hanuman saves humans from the rage of planet Shani, and hence the pilgrims visit the temple every Tuesday and Saturday to offer prayers. Thousands of devotees visit the temple on these days. The people who have planet Shani in their horoscopes take blessings from god Hanuman to eliminate the effect of Shani from their daily livelihood. In fact, as per mythology visiting Sankat Mochan temple can eradicate adverse affect on horoscopes due to any ill planets.


The Sankat Mochan temple was built in the year 1900, designed with Hindu architecture by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. He was a freedom fighter and the founder of Banaras Hindu University. In the temple god Hanuman is facing Lord Raman whom he has worshipped with dedication.

Every year Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samorah, cultural program is organized by the temple. Musicians and performers from all over India participate to showcase their talent in classical dance and classical music.

Best Time to Visit

The Sankat Mochan temple can be visited anytime during the year. A booklet is provided in the campus of the temple for free through which tourists can chant Hanuman Chalisa and Sundarkand mantra.


The temple is open from 05:00 am till 10:00 pm for the tourists. The morning arti is done at 05:00 am in the morning, then an evening offering is performed to God Hanuman at evening 08:30 pm and then the night arti is performed at 10:00 pm post which the temple gates are closed for visitors.

Visitor Information

Languages spoken in Varanasi are Hindi, Sanskrit and English. The city has a population of approximate 14 lakh.

How to Reach

To reach Sankat Mochan temple, one needs to reach Varanasi or Banaras which is well connected to all metro cities through roadways, railways and airways.

By Air

Daily Air India domestic flights ply from Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, and Kathmandu to Varanasi. Tourists usually prefer the most popular route of Delhi Agra Khajuraho and then Varanasi.

By Rail

Varanasi is well linked with Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata through railways as it lies in the North Indian plains and has two major railway stations i.e. kashi junction and Varanasi junction (cantonment). Mughalsarai is also a main railway junction which lies 10 kilometers away from Varanasi. Rajdhani Express stops in Varanasi, which starts from Delhi.

By Road

As Varanasi is located in flat Ganga plains and hence the city is well connected through roadways. State transport buses, private transport and taxis are available to reach the city from all major towns.

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