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Baradevi Temple

Kanpur is a famous place in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Almost all the people belonging to this city are engaged in numerous traditional as well as industrial works. The reason behind this is most of the industries of the state are located in this city because of which, it offers a source of livelihood to minimally educated people also. Apart from industries, there are also many ancient temples that were built by the great rulers of Awadh. One such temple is the Baradevi Temple. During special occasions and festivals people visit this temple along with their relatives, family or friends to seek the blessings of the goddess. Goddess Durga is worshiped here by almost all the native people and on the occasions like those of Navaratri. At such times, people enthusiastically participate in the ceremonies and decorate this temple making it look like a huge palace. This temple is located on the national highway, which connects Lucknow and Kanpur along with rest of the cities of the state. This highway is well maintained every year.


The history of this temple says that once a goddess got quite annoyed by her father and so established herself and her ten sisters in this very temple. 200 years later when the father of the goddess came looking for her, as a statute, he also established himself there. This is how the temple got its name as the “Bara devi“. People those who stay in this city, hold a belief that they are completely secures as are protected by the great goddess Durga. So, they visit this temple to seek her blessings and ask for forgiveness for their sinful acts.

Best Time to Visit

The month of September, October, November, December, January and February are the best to visit Baradevi temple is. With the rainfall almost equal to null in these months the temperature of the city remains also moderate, which makes these months an ideal time to visit.


The temple has architecture of the Awadh style as it belonged to the Awadh rulers. As per the sources, this temple is claimed to be nearly 200 years old and so, its construction also says the same. This temple was built in ancient times. It is one of the oldest temples in the city of Kanpur that is present till date; tall and sturdy.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport to the Baradevi temple is Amausi airport. There are many flights flying to and fro to almost all the parts of the country. Flights from Delhi are quite common to this airport. Baradevi people can be reached through cabs from the airport.

By Rail

Kanpur Central railway station of Kanpur can be used to reach Baradevi temple. Trains from Lucknow and rest of the regions of both the state and India are very much common to this railway station. People can easily board from anywhere in India and reach Kanpur station. Private taxis, cabs, auto-rickshaws are available near the railway station. They could be hired to reach the temple.

By Road

Kanpur city can be reached through the National 2 highway. This highway connects Kanpur and rest of the cities of Uttar Pradesh too. The state Muncipal Corporation have constructed national highways and internal roads and maintained them well. The maintenance is carried out every year and so the roads connecting Baradevi temple with national highway are a good drive.

By Self-Transport

All the roads are properly constructed and people could easily drive their vehicle with utmost ease and comfort. In case of using a self-transport on reaching the destination, the taxi fare is quite economical as taxi drivers usually charge according to the kilometers being travelled. Also, the postpaid cabs are available outside the airport.


Most of the religious activities are performed in Kanpur city from several years. The reason for this is, it being situated on the banks of River Ganga. In Hindu methodology, River Ganga holds a lot of significance so there are numerous people who come here to worship all the gods and goddesses. People from all over the world come here to witness the uniqueness of the Hindu religious activities.

Visitor Information

  • Opening Hours- Early morning to evening
  • Entry Fee- NA

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