Parks In Uttar Pradesh

Parks and gardens define the beauty of any place. However beautiful its culture, religious heritage and other ancient value is, if it is not properly-maintained, the whole purpose of preserving these places gets defeated. This is where Uttar Pradesh scores very high. There are well-maintained lawns and gardens around most of the heritage sites where people can relax and get a view of the amazing structure as well. As you take a trip around the state of Uttar Pradesh, you will find that there are a decent number of parks and gardens that co-exists peacefully with the high-rise buildings and commercial establishments.

Most of these parks are very spacious and have been designed in such a way that they prove to be great sources of relaxation for the young and the old. There are separate jogging tracks created here which help early morning joggers go about their duty very well. Elders can breathe in the fresh air that the open space provides and can do their regular exercises in an uninterrupted manner in these parks. When they grow tired, they can relax at the benches provided here for their comfort. These parks also allow lots of open spaces for kid to play around, thus contributing to a great extent to their physical fitness as well.

There are many gardens as well in and around the main tourist attractions of the state. These gardens are regularly maintained and seasonal plants are grown in there. The rich flora quality here impresses international tourists as well who come here in large numbers during peak seasons. These gardens and parks have lots of open space and due to the large number of trees grown here, they also provide excellent relief from the harsh rays of the sun, even during the peak summer season. These parks have separate play area for kids as well to keep them entertained.  Swings, sliding boards, sea-saws and others are set up here with lots of distance from one another so that kids can play safely. During the evening hours, these parks are filled with the chirpy noises of the kids, birds, breeze and the chit-chat of the elders, giving it a very lively ambience.

These parks offer full protection to people coming here in the form of 24/7 security guards. Similar to parks of other states, here too, there are lots of benches constructed at regular intervals for elders to sit and have a relaxed chat with their friends. Bins are also put up at several places to encourage people to keep the place neat and clean at all times.

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