The state of Punjab is filled with prosperity, enhanced spirits and deep interest in life has various distinct characteristic features. Punjabi cuisine is a blend of eastern part of Pakistan and Northern region of India. This northwest identity of India is known as the land of honey and milk. Punjabi cuisines are filled with rustic taste. Diversified range of dishes are available to taste in Punjabi cuisine. Indian cuisine carries a considerable number of Punjabi cuisine. Home made Punjabi cuisines use a major portion of wheat masalas. Their staple food is mainly based on wheat. Gajrela is the authentic Punjabi sweet dish.The gajrela is nothing but carrot pudding cooked with a good amount of Khoya, ghee, milk and cashew nuts. Kheer is a popular sweet served in Punjab food. It tastes awesome with rose water and cardamom. It can be consumed either hot or cold. Fresh milk, nuts and rice are known as satvic foods in the world of Ayurveda.

The preparation of Atta Halwa is derived from sikh classic ‘Karha prashad’. This halwa is made from whole wheat and is low in fat and served with nuts, raisins and cardamom.

Saboodane ki Kheer

This is an easy to prepare sweet when we are running out of time to prepare some dessert. It tastes good with roasted cashew nuts and Badam.

Banana Shake

Sweet banana is blend with tasty milk and khoya.

Rao ki Khineer

This sweet is prepared by boiling rice in sugarcane juice for a long time.

The sweet beverages of Punjabi cuisine include Chaach, kanji (fermented carrots) and lassi (sweetened whipped yoghurt).

Various other Punjabi desserts include Atta Pinni, Badam Halwa, Badam Kheer or Almond pudding, Balushai or Badusha, Milk barfi, Besan barfi, Besan halwa, Boondi ladoo, Carot burfi, dry fruit kheer, Falooda, Firni, fruit cream, Gujiya, Gulab Jamun, Jelabies, Kaddu ka Halwa and Kalakand.

Any trip to Punjab gets completed only after tasting their delicious and mouth watering cuisines and desserts.

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