Gojri channel, being the first ever on internet, has introduced about one hundred musical records of new types into the world’s mostly viewed internet portals like America On Line videos and “YouTube” simultaneously for video sharing. This new attempt has been undertaken with the intention of popularizing and widening the presence of Gojri Melodious Music in every nook and corner of the globe, according to the press statement made by Tribal Research & Cultural Foundation - a renowned institution of Gujjars in J&K who introduced this free of cost channel to viewers for promoting Gujjar Culture.

For the last few months exceeding than 1,00,000 viewers from all places of the universe including UK, USA, Arabian countries and Pakistan have utilized their channel as claimed by Dr. Javaid Rahi, the National Secretary of Tribal Foundation along with the statement pointed out that it is a great experience for them that their viewers all over the globe are interested for getting many more videos particularly folk of Gojri. He also stated that Gojri is found to be the first language of innumerable Gujjars living in various parts of the globe mainly residing in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Dr. Rahi also said that the new types of records those were found at the time of market surveys and ultimately uploaded in the net consists number of Gojri Folk-songs, Naats, Ghazals, Baits, epics, Si Harfis, videos showing the excellence of Gujjar culture while particular attention has been extended to those types of records which are boosting the marvellous ethos and philosophy of Tribal and at the same time nomadic life style of Gujjars. Dr. Javaid Rahi also claimed that persons who avail “Gojri” on AOL or You Tube would be having most outstanding experiences of hearing melodious songs performed by renowned Gojri artists that include Bashir Mastana, Begum Jan, Kartar Chand, Noor Jan, Parveena Jan, Jattu Merasi, Mohammad Hussain Merasi, Gh. Mohammad Dansaliya, Iqbal Malangami, Zaman Sailani, Nizam Din Chouhan, Sufi Bashir Khatana, Suraj Sing Sain Taas, Kailash Mehra and other artists of Gojri community for experiencing the traditional specimens of performing arts so loved by Gujjar tribe. He also reiterated that persons browsing the sites would be able to experience the unique literary talents of legendary Gojri poets like Israel Asar, Mian Nizam-ud-Din (R.A), Khuda Baksh, Sain Qadar Baksh (R.A), Noor Mohammad Noor, Iqbal Azeem, Mansha Khaki, Shabaz Rajourvi, Rana Fazal, Shams Din Mehjoor and other well liked poets in the net. Dr. Javaid Rahi also stated that few rare videos obtained from performers of Poonch, Rajouri, Baramulla, Kupwara and other places of the valley are brilliant copies of folk-lore well liked in the groups of Himalayan Nomadic which are about to become extinct were uploaded also for the purpose of record and reference.

In addition to that, Dr. Rahi also said that by virtue of being nomad with the Gujjar culture there is a distinct edge over the groups of tribal and so called videos have been introduced to popularize internationally, the nomadic traditions, costumes, living habits, food habits and various other unearthed part of Gujjar Culture that differs from one place to other.

Dr Javaid Rahi in a state level function arranged by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art at Gujjar Desh Charitable Trust addressed that the principal motto of the function was to promote the vastness and excellence of Gojri Folk Music amongst the new generation. He reiterated that Gojri tribal music is confronting great threats from all around developments within the fields of music, globalization and proliferation of satellite channels. He stressed about the immediate attention to the culture of great old traditions in the form of audio visual although the State Academy is doing so in audio and printed form during the last 30 years.

In order to know more about the background of this excellent musical form of Gojri you need to visit the land where it is most popular i.e. Jammu and Kashmir.

Reaching Jammu and Kashmir

If you are interested in getting closer to the Gojri music then you need to be physically present in Jammu and Kashmir where this magnificent traditional music form is quite famous. Jammu and Kashmir is connected by roadways and railways from other parts of India. In case you want faster journey then planes also ply from major airports in India. Though there are fewer international planes coming to Jammu and Kashmir, a break journey from Delhi, Mumbai or some other part would be quite comfortable for foreign tourists willing to visit J&K.

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