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It is a well known fact that a suitable combination of built up structures and natural environment is important for the existence of human habitation. Chandigarh is a classic example of well planned modern city. Chandigarh is different from other Indian cities, as it is a planned city free from the traditions of past. The city stands as a symbol of India's post freedom days and ambition to progress in future. Numerous factors are responsible for the human sustainability in Chandigarh.

A City with a Goal

The planning of the city was undertaken in such a manner that people of all classes could lead a dignified life. The efficient planning could easily achieve this daunting task. But the mission did not come to a standstill at this point. Chandigarh continues to evolve and develop as per requirement of people and administration. The developments and expansion of the city is constantly monitored by expert eyes.

Suitable Site with Climate Responsive Architecture

Chandigarh’s location has enormously influenced sustainability of people in the city.   Suitable location of city presented some of the natural advantages like:

  • Good source of water supply.
  • Quality soil possessing excellent bearing and stability.
  • Unlimited availability of building materials in nearby areas.
  • Favorable ground slope,

Chandigarh experiences extreme climatic conditions. Winters are chilly, monsoons are humid and summers are extremely hot. Keeping these factors in mind architecture of various structures is designed to combat climatic extremities.  Buildings in Chandigarh contain parasols, courtyards, verandahs, sunshades, brick jails and fenestrations as natural climate control mechanisms.

Majority of buildings in Chandigarh are built using stone, brick and concrete which are adequately available in nearby vicinity. These materials provide good strength and lower maintenance costs which has further added to sustainability of city.

Labour intensive Development with Eco Friendly Techniques

The sky rocketing apartments of Chandigarh consists of more than four floors. These are constructed with the availability of cheap and abundant labor force. The effective building construction plans which involved minimum expenditure became an inspiration for other Indian cities also. Some of the architectural variations in designs of lintel size, window openings and roof spans ensured better ventilation, reduced cost and enhanced quality.

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