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Chattbir Zoo

Chattbir Zoo is a popular zoological park, located in Zikrapur, India. The zoo is about 17 Kms away from Chandigarh and is home to several species of birds, reptiles and mammals. A major attraction of Chattbir Zoo is the Royal Tiger of Bengal and the exciting safari ride that can be enjoyed in the lion reserve in the zoo. Spanning over an area of 202 acres, Chattbir Zoo is built against a spectacular backdrop. The zoo spreads along the Ghaggar River and its setting is amazing and quite picturesque.

The area of Chattbir Zoo was originally a raw and rural scrubland. Over the years, it has been transformed into a beautiful wooded area that serves as home to over 950 species of birds, reptiles and animals. The Zoo is also popular as the Mahendra Chaudhry Zoological Park. The zoo is a great place to learn about the different species of flora and fauna in the area. Visitors to the zoo can see animals like crocodile, elephant, Himalayan black bear, deer, white deer, etc.

The surroundings of Chattbir Zoo have been kept natural to mimic the animal’s natural habitat. The animals are kept in large open enclosures, so that their physical needs are met. For those who wish to enjoy the safari, they can travel in the caged motor vehicle provided by the zoo authorities to see the tigers and wild cats closely. In the area of Asiatic Lion reserve, animals roam around freely and can easily be spotted. Taking photographs while on this safari is highly recommended.

Chattbir Zoo is excellent for enjoying picnics. Children can enjoy a fun-filled day and also get to learn about the various animals that reside in the zoo. The river flowing along the zoo has a vast collection of fish and other aquatic varieties. Animals are kept in big enclosures and huge moats. Most of the animals are bred and born in the zoo and are taken very good care of. There are also unique species of birds seen in Chattbir Zoo. Many animals in the zoo have been acquired from other nature parks all across India. The officials at Chattbir Zoo put in a lot of hard work to give animals the right ambiance and atmosphere, so that they can roam and breed freely.

Photography lovers can have a great time capturing exotic species of birds and animals of the zoo, with their cameras. Visitors can easily spend 4 to 5 hours in the area and also enjoy some other interesting activities. Chattbir Zoo attracts several tourists, and for those in Chandigarh, it is an excellent natural escape where they can see various animals in their natural habitat. A visit to Chattbir Zoo is a memorable one and can never be forgotten.

Reaching Chattbir Zoo is easy. It is located just 17 Kms from Chandigarh and about 55 Kms from Patiala. The zoo is well connected by road and visitors can take buses, taxis or private cars to reach their destination. The closest airport and railhead are located in Chandigarh. Chandigarh offers good connectivity by air, rail and road to the rest of the state, and also to neighbouring states and cities such as New Delhi, Shimla, Nalagarh, etc. There are various attractions within close reach of the zoo that can be visited easily.

History of Chattbir Zoo in Chandigarh

Chattbir Zoo was developed in 1970’s. The zoo has a large water body and several wooded areas. The forest-like surroundings, greenery of the area and the shrubs give animals a natural habitat, so that they can roam around freely. The zoo is located along the Ghaggar River, and offers animals with the natural surroundings, to make it feel like home.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit Chattbir Zoo is during the winter months, when the weather is cool and pleasant. The animals are also best seen during the winter season, as they seem to enjoy the pleasant weather.


The restaurant inside Chattbir Zoo offers delicious food. There is also an ice-cream parlour inside the zoo, where visitors can taste different flavours of ice creams.


Chattbir Zoo is open six days a week and remains closed on Mondays. The zoo remains open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The zoo is also closed on national holidays like 26th January, 15th August and 2nd October.

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