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Chandi Devi Temple

  • Location

Chandigarh-Kalka Road

  • Dedicated to

Goddess Chandi

  • Highlights

Ancient temple, offers some of the best views of the Shivalik

  • Best Time to Visit

Navratri Festival

Chandi Mandir is one of the most famous places of the country drawing a large number of tourists to the Chandigarh city. These tourists come from different corners of the country just to have a glimpse of amazing fascination of this place. It lies at the foothills of Shivalik and is quite famous due to the temples, parks, museums, sightseeing places and gardens which encompass the entire city in an amazing way. As far as the temples are concerned, Chandi Mandir is a temple in dedication of Chandi, the Power Goddess. Besides Chandi Devi, there are beautiful idols of Radha-Krishna, Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman along with Lord Rama.

History of Chandi Mandir

Chandi Mandir is a well known place because Chandigarh city got its name derived from it and this temple is pretty old as per the sources here. The location of the temple adds to its beauty because there are several interesting views that may be enjoyed in Shivalik hills. There are huge numbers of devotees visiting this temple every year for offering prayers to the respectful deity. People have a strong belief that worshipping the Goddess Chandi with full devotion would make their wishes come true. The devotees along with the tourists do visit this temple if they got to Chandigarh.

Chandi Mandir is an ideal place for excursions. One can easily reach there without spending much money and time because it lies merely 15 kilometers distant from the Chandigarh city. Precisely speaking, the temple is located on road of Chandigarh - Kalka. The fascinating surroundings along with the intricately carved interiors of temple catch the fancy of people like anything and make them explore it more. The ideal time for visiting this temple is festive time of Navratri, when the temple is adorned beautifully and there is organization of special pujas done for the deity.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time for visiting the Chandi Mata Mandir is the festival of Navratri. Besides this, the months of March and October usually witness more tourists. During these months, there is an organization of Navratri fair held here.

How to Reach

By Road

There is a great road network found in Chandigarh. One can find 2 national highways called as No. 21 (i.e. Ambala-Kinnaur) along with 22 (i.e. Chandigarh-Leh) serving the union territory and connecting it to different parts of the country. There is several pilgrimage spots found here. Many buses offer their service such as air-conditioned, ordinary, deluxe or semi-deluxe buses.

By Train

The city has well connected rail network also. There are 2 trains i.e. Himalayan Queen and Shatabdi express which link city of Chandigarh to Delhi on a daily basis.

By Air

The city remains connected to Delhi, Amritsar and Leh via air. At a distance of 12 km, there lies the airport which serves the people of the city.

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