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PVR Multiplex

On 24th June 2013, the Elante Mall at Chandigarh got a new member in the form of PVR cinemas. This multiplex was one of the most anticipated projects by the viewers and gave people immense excitement when it was launched officially, though it was functioning a week before its formal release.

Neeru Bajwa along with Diljit Dosanjh inaugurated this mall as their upcoming project “Jatt and Juliet 2” was about to be premiered at Elante Mall’s PVR multiplex itself. Elante Mall is now sought after by movie buffs as well along with shopaholics.

Though the actual theatre is on the fourth floor of the mall, ticket counters are kept at the ground floor so that movie goers find it easy to operate. Also, there are five different ticket counters to cater to the increased number of movie goers during the weekend and to help people to spend less time on the queues. This multiplex is no different from its other branches as it is painted in PVR’s characteristic red colour. Its colour and advertisement posters about show timings and movies attract people even from a far distance.

PVR Multiplex and Centra Mall

One who watches movies at PVR Multiplex in the Centra Mall gets an unforgettable experience. Right from entry till exit, the experience is thoroughly enjoyable. People are allowed to go inside the theatres only fifteen minutes before the show timings. Their bags are checked and they are prohibited from carrying eatables like snacks, chewing gums, any outside food, knives, lighter, torch, camera etc. The multiplex is on the 4th floor and visitors can choose either escalators or lifts to get there.

Once inside, there are lots of spacious waiting areas for the people. There are advertisements all over about the premiers of new movies, screens showing trailers of upcoming movies etc. The washrooms that are separate for men and women are spotlessly clean and well maintained.

This multiplex at Centra Mall has four big screens that shows Hindi, English and Punjabi movies. The seats are very cosy and luxurious and offer full value for money. The seats are not cramped up and there is enough leg room between rows. The seats in the last row can be reclined to give ultimate comfort for the movie watchers. Tickets for the movies can be booked online too.

Food is an equally enjoyable experience at PVR. The staffs offer delivery on the seats, if people do not want to wait in the long queues. One can just order, pay the amount and go back to one’s seat, the eatables will be delivered there. There are huge variety of foods here like burgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorns of various flavours, soft drinks, chocolates, ice-cream and coffee. There are also combination offers available on certain foods, which offer ultimate value for money. The preparation is neat and the presentation is great.

One eatery focuses on hot dogs and sweet corns while the other eatery focus on selling burgers, sandwiches, chocolates, French fries, popcorn, spring rolls etc.

PVR has its own set of police officers who keep patrolling the place to check for any miscreants. If anybody creates disturbance inside the theatre, the police immediately rush to the spot and bring back orderliness by chucking the problem-person out of the theatre. The first show at PVR is at about 10 AM and the last one is at 11.45PM. The ticket prices are reasonable at Rs.175, which are just peanuts compared to the priceless experience one enjoys here.

Elante Mall and PVR Multiplex

Elante Mall is the biggest in Chandigarh and the famous PVR multiplex was inaugurated in this mall recently. This is PVR’s second branch in the Chandigarh city. This branch is the biggest in the entire city, as it has been set up on a whopping 70,000 sq. feet housing a staggering 8 screens. With this, PVR now stands proud at having 88 branches in 36 Indian cities with a total screen tally of 382.


This multiplex has an all state-of-the-art features in it with 8 audio systems. The sound and picture quality is beyond expectations here. At any given point of time, this multiplex can house around 1600 people. The ambience, architecture, features, luxury and comfort that this multiplex offers cannot be experienced at any other multiplex in the city. The PVR multiplex is considered to be a true representation of the Chandigarh city with its bright, vibrant and positive nature. The spacious multiplex exudes luxury all round due to the excessive use of beige stone and bright onyx lighting.

Technical Features

  • 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • 2K Digital Projection

Food Court

Just like other characteristic PVR multiplexes, every alternate auditorium at Elante Mall follows the colour pattern of red and purple. The Gold class seats offer additional benefits of reclining, so that people can enjoy the movies in a better way. Coffee lovers are excited as one can find the Café Coffee Day outlet here. Ice creams, popcorn, nachos, pizzas etc. are some of the regular counters in the food court. The sandwich kiosks that can be found here are the first of its kind in the Chandigarh city.

Contact Details

Centra Mall,
Plot No. 177D,
Phase I,
Industrial Area,
Chandigarh - 160001
Ph no: 0172-4708080

Elante Mall,
3rd Floor,
 Plot No 178-178 A,
 Industrial Area Phase-1
Phone :( +91) 8800900009

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