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Nandi Hills

As the history demonstrates, Nandi Hills were taken up by the Maratha group and held for some period of time. After facing innumerable sieges from the opponents, Madhava Rao Peshwa passed on the Nandi Hills in the hands of Mysore’s Hyder Ali in 1770 A.D. Tipu Sultan who was Hyder Ali’s son became the ruling power during those times. Popular as Kushmandagiri in traditional era, this place was known after the great sage named Kushamanda. Later the name was changed to Nandidurga, name inspired from the sage Anandagiri. Nandi Hills meant the vehicle driven by Lord Shiva. This concept came into force during the regime of Cholas. These hills are very famous as an affluent heritage from reminiscence with a colonial charm which seems to be completely unique. It is a very popular Gateway location. Misty hills and the waters as clear as crystal blends the ancient past’s aura into an excellent gateway.


Nandi Hills is situated above the sea level at a height of 4,851 ft (1,479 m). It is in close proximity of the Bangalore International Airport. On top of it, National Highway (NH-7) is at a distance of just 20 kms. Nandi Hills are witnessing a fast paced growth because of its location. Various residential and commercial ventures are ongoing in this area. The amateur radio operators of the Bangalore city have an arranged set up on the hills of Nandi. This orientation helps increase the reception and transmission reach.

Adventure Activities

The place is an ideal spot for adventure activities like paragliding and cycling. Biking and cycling of offering an altitude of 400 meters in the ride of 7 km is a unique experience. Apart from this, many sport’s training activities are also carried out at Nandi Hills on weekends.



It is said that the well known great sage Ramakrishna has meditated in this place.

Tipu’s Drop

This place is very much famous and condemned prisoners were thrown to death from here by Tipu Sultan.

Horse Way

In earlier times, the soldiers had to climb the giant walls. So, they made use of horses. The used to get through the endeavor by riding on horses’ backs. This was possible through a stone doorway which was on North-eastern side of the fort. This is believed to be the then time’s horse way.


These hills is the mother of Palar, Akravathy and Pennar rivers. Even though many sources are now dried up, an exquisite water lake, Amruth Sarovar brims with the lucid water throughout the year.


There are various temples that worship Sri Ugra Narsimha, Sri Bhoga Narsimha and also Sri Yoga Narsimha. On the hill top, there exists the temple of Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy. The temples are the formation of giant boulders being transformed in to the magnificent artwork as temples.

Gandhi House

This is the place where the Mahatma Gandhi has stayed himself for some period of time. At present, this place is reserved for the stay of dignitaries from all over the world by the Karnataka Government.


With the development of the area, well furnished and modern accommodations are offered at the service of the tourists. Government guest houses include Gandhi House and Nehru House while private hotels too provide good services along with food and hygiene parameters checked.

How to Reach


Amazing network by road links famous and important places like Chikkaballapur and Bangalore to Nandi Hills. It is located on the national highway of Bangalore-Hyderabad.


Bangalore International Airport is located at a distance of just 65kms from the Nandi Hills. It is the nearest airport and can be reached conveniently.


The nearest railway station to Nandi Hills is Chikkaballapur Railway station which is just 9kms away from the place. Nandi is connected through railway services to all the majorly important places all over India. Frequent train connectivity from Chikkaballapur to Bangalore is also provided.

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