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Kundadri Hills

Surrounded by dense forests of the South India’s Western Ghats, Kundadri is a mountain peak in the Karnataka state. It is situated in the Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka. A large number of Jain pilgrims gather here every year to celebrate the festival of Makar Sakranti on the top of the hill. Even if the architecture is an average artwork, this place is under Karnataka’s well preserved land since the 17th century and is known as the Jain temple. Kundadri is basically a giant monolith covered with dense and large vegetation. It is located in the Thirtahalli. A beautiful view of simultaneous sun rise and moon set can be spotted on a full moon day.


As per legends, during the times of Ramayana, Ravana who was the king of the Lanka had a relative named Maricha. In order to enchant Sita, Maricha disguised as a golden deer. Sita asked her husband Rama to get her the deer; Rama killed the deer by following it. In Thirtahalli lies a place called Mrugavadhe. This incident is said to have happened in this place. In the local Sankskrit language, meaning of Mrugavadhe is ‘killing of an animal’. Rich Neolithic sites were uncovered in Kundadri hills and also the chambers with potholed burials were found.


There is a small pond in the premises of the temple. There exists two calm ponds on temple’s one of the sides which is a rock formation. This creation is extremely beautiful and also unbelievable. Its presence there will leave one bewildered with the thought of it being there even at such a high altitude. Smaller and larger species of fishes and numerous lotus flowers are spotted in the ponds throughout the year adding to the beauty of the temple. Kundadri hills leverage the visitors to spot the clear and excellent sunset view on the Arabian Sea. Being Karnataka’s fourth largest hill, Kundadri is also well known as ‘Kundada Gudda’. A very calm and serene embrace to the nature will leave one completely spellbound. It is located 3200 ft above the level of the sea.

Adventure Activities

Kundadri being located in the evergreen dense forests is a great place for adventure. A path paved in stone lets one have the never like before climbing experience. Being a place ideal for trekking, a lot of visitors are seen to be an active part of the activity.



Being the wettest place of the South, people fall for the beautiful view from this magnificent location. Onake Abbi Falls and Barkane Falls are Agumbe’s major attraction. Misty mornings followed by the windy evenings which are then approached by the rainy nights are Agumbe’s delights.


Vidyashankara and Shardamba are the two most famous temples in this place. Located on Tunga river banks, this place is an epitome of serenity.

Jog Falls

It is India’s eighth highest waterfall formed by the Sharavati River after its splitting into four parts. Summers witness narrow and small streams of water while in winter it roars loud.

Best time to Visit

Kundadri hills can be paid a visit round the year excluding monsoon. The ideal time to visit this place is from the month of October to January.


There are no accommodations at the Kundadri hills, it being situated at a greater height. In order to visit the Kundadri hill, one will have to find an accommodation in either Agumbe or Tirtahalli. Apart from these two places, if the visitors wish to explore another option, Sringeri could be approached for a stay to hike the hills of Kundadri. Since there are no options for the food at the hill top, carrying packed food along is must.

How to Reach


It is 340 kms away from the Bangalore city. So, KSRTC services run direct buses from Bangalore to Agumbe. Tirthahalli’s KSRTC services and private buses services are made available in order to reach to Guddekari place which is 9kms away.


The nearest railhead from the place is the Shimoga Railway Station that is 80 kms away from the Kundadri hills and 62 kms away from Tirthahalli.


The nearest airport from the place is the Mangalore airport that is 140 kms away from the Kundadri hills and 122kms away from Tirthahalli.

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