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Chikmagalur Hills

Situated in the state of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is a place, which is famous for its coffee production and hill stations. It is one of the prime tourist attractions in the state of Karnataka and a lot of visitors come to this place every year. Most of the area of this district is covered with forest and is a region of heavy rainfall.


The literal meaning Chikmagalur is ‘The town of the younger daughter’ and the name came into existence as the town was initially given as dowry to the daughter of the legendary Chief Rukmangada. The district of Chikmagalur has seen a lot in the past. You can find the influence of almost all the major southern dynasties over this place and all of the rulers have added something or the other to the beauty of the place.

Geography and Weather

The district of Chikmagalur is situated at an elevation of about 1100 meters and the hill stations that surround the place are very famous as they’re cool even in the summer days and the people like to visit this place for the cool climate that they get here.

The weather of the Chikmagalur region is quite pleasant with the temperatures ranging from 11 to 20 degrees during the winter time and 25 to 32 degrees during the summer season.


The main tourist attractions in the Chikmagalur region are:


This is one of the main hill stations of this district. It is situated at a height of about 1400 meters and has lush green vegetation and a fantastic weather all throughout the year. The place is magnificent and offers many adventures like trekking and mountaineering along with the serene and beautiful views of the natural beauty of the place.

Baba Budan Giri

This place got its name after the famous Muslim saint, Baba Budan, who used to reside in the region about 150 years ago. It contains one of the highest peaks in the Baba Budan Giri range of mountains situated in between the Nilgiri and the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Shanti Falls

It is beautiful waterfall located en route to Kemmangundi. It is a must visit on the way to Kemmangundi and the serenity and the beauty of the place is sure to enchant anyone who goes to that place.

Kadambi Falls

It is also one of the many waterfalls situated in the regions. This waterfall is quite beautiful and is situated in Kudremukh National Park.

Kallathigiri Falls

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the region. Located just about 10 km from the hill station of Kemmangundi, this waterfall enchants anyone who visits the place. An old temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, can be found in between the rocks and can be easily approached after one has crossed the waterfalls.

Kudremukh National Park

It is a place of national heritage. The Kudremukh National Park holds the entire variety of flora and fauna of the region and is a place that everyone must visit on a trip to Chikmagalur.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is the part of a tigerw reserve and is located in the region of Tungabhadra River.

Apart from the places mentioned above, there are countless temple towns and hill stations in the region and while one is at Chikmagalur, these are the places of interest.

Best Time to Visit

If anyone is planning a trip to Chikmagalur, then the best time to visit the place would be in the summers as the place is famous as a summer retreat region due to the cool climate it hold during the summer season too.


Since the place is famous for its tourist activities, the district of Chikmagalur is full of luxurious and budget resorts and hotels, which are spread all across the region. The most notable accommodation that you will find in this region is the Taj Gateway Hotel, which is situated on the KM road in Chikmagalur. Other notable places to stay include the holiday retreat bungalows that you can find spread across the region and the Hotel Serai, which is famous for its hospitality and facilities.

How to Reach

Chikmagalur is connected with the neighboring regions through roads and railways. There is a national highway passing through the city, which connects it to all the major cities and it is also connected via railways to the major destinations across Karnataka and neighboring states.

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