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Madikeri and Kodagu are the two places with relevant history. In the time period of 2nd to 6th century A.D., Kadambas ruled Kodagu’s northern part. In the time period of 4th to 11th century, Gangas ruled Kodagu’s southern part. In 11th century, Kodagu witnessed its new rulers, Cholas who had happened to take the rule of the place after defeating the later rulers, Gangas in the 11th century. After Cholas lost the place to Hoysalas, Kodagu was ruled by them in 12th century. Again in 14th century, Kodagu fell in the hands of the kings of Vijaynagar. After Vijaynagar kings lost the place, local chieftains who are also known as the ‘Palegars’, directly started ruling their particular areas. Haleri kings later ruled Kodagu from the period 1600- 1834 A.D. after defeating the Palegars. Haleri kings named the place as Haleri and made it their capital. This was near Madikeri. Haleri’s third king, Mudduraja initiated the land leveling process near Madikeri town and in 1681, he raised there a fort. Originally, Madikeri fort was made up of mud. It saw the replacement by Tipu Sulatan who was regarded as ‘The Sword of Mysore’. After 1834 A.D., Kodagu turned out to be British India’s part.


Tropical highland climate id featured by the place with 1061 meters elevation which is 3484 feet. Located at 12.42°N 75.73°E, Madikeri is situated in the Western Ghats. Cities nearest to the place are Mysore to the east and Mangalore to the west. The daily minimum mean temperature is least in the month of January which approximately recorded is about 11 °C. Summer witnesses the maximum temperature around 24 °C to 27 °C. As soon as the south-west monsoon begins, the temperature starts to fall in June and chilled weather is experienced. 4.5 °C is the undermost recorded temperature.

Adventure Activities

Trekking and Wild Life Sanctuaries are the major adventure sport activities. Places offering you with these opportunities are Kotte Betta, Bramhagiri, Thadiyandamole, Pushpagiri, Nishanimotte and Igguthappa Kundu.


Raja Seat

This place was associated with the recreational activities of the early Rajas. It is enhanced by the exquisite ambience and offers a splendid view of the valleys and cliffs to the west. It is a tiny mantapa in a square shape made up of mortar and brick of four pillars.

Madikeri Fort

Mudduraja built this fort in the 17th century’s final quarter. Inside the fort, one more place was built. Eventually, Tipu Sultan rebuilt this place in granite. Doddavira Rajendra in 1790 took full control of this fort. Lingarajendra Wodeyar II renovated the place in the time span of 1812 to 1814.In 1834, British made an addition in the fort. Two masonry huge elephants are present in the entrance’s north east corner and entrance’s south east corner has a church. At the main entrance is the Lord Ganesha’s temple located.

Omkareshwar Temple

Lingarajendra built this temple in 1820 and it is situated in the heart of the town. It has both Gothic and Islamic architecture styles. It is surrounded by a central pool. In order to fulfill the deadly ambitions related to politics, Lingarajendra slaughtered pious and honest Brahmins as per the history states. The Brahmins turned out to be ‘Bramharakshasa’ and began to torture the king. He was the advised to raise Lord Shiva’s temple in order to purify himself from the killing act. A Shivling from Kashi had been brought and so the temple which was then built was named as ‘Omkareshwara’.


There are many hotels like Kushal Home Stay, Fort View, Mercara Inn, Kedakal Estate etc. that offers you with all the facilities for a comfortable stay.

How to Reach


It is located 120 kms away from Mysore and 130 kms away from Mangalore. Madikeri falls on State Highway 88 of Karnataka which runs from Mysore to Mangalore. From Bangalore, one can join State Highway 17 and after Srirangapatna, get on the State Highway 88 to Madikeri.


There is no railway station in Madikeri. The railheads that lie nearby are Thalassery and Kannur. Kanhangad and Kasargod are also situated nearby. All these places are at a distance of 115 kms from Madikeri. One can even opt for Mangalore and Mysore Railway Stations that are 140 kms away.


The nearest airport to the Madikeri town is the Mysore International Airport. It is 140 kms away and has flexible flights flying to and fro from Mysore to Chennai, Hubli, Hyderabad, Dubai and many more gulf countries.

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