Located in the beautiful state of Karnataka, Coorg is an enchanting place which is best known for its coffee. It is the district with the least population in the state of Karnataka and covers an area of around 4 thousand square kilometers. It is situated in the Western Ghats region, it is one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka to visit.


The region of Coorg has a long standing history, which dates back to ninth century. Kodavas were the first people to inhabit this region and they were mainly agriculturists. Most of the major dynasties of Southern India have had an influence over this region like the Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas and so on. The land of Coorg has been known to produce some of the bravest warriors of India, yet Coorg never had an independent ruler and was always under the rule of some outside administrator. However, the administrator has always been under the influence of the local chieftain of Coorg.

Geography and Weather

The district of Coorg is situated on the eastern side slopes of the Western Ghats. The total area of Coorg amounts to about 4100 sq. km

The weather in this region is mostly pleasant, with summers in Coorg having a temperature in the region of 35° to 15°C. The winters are chilly but the temperature does not fall below 8°C. July to August time is the time for rainfall and being in the tropical region, Coorg experiences heavy rainfalls at this time.


The long standing history of Coorg has provided it with many historical monuments and temples and these places have become a place of tourist attractions. The various tourist attractions of Coorg are:


It is the place from where the origination of River Kaveri takes place. There are many temples on the banks of the river and one of the major temples is dedicated to Lord Brahma. This temple is one of the only two temples that are dedicated to Lord Brahma in the entire Southeast Asia.

Abbey Falls

This is one of the most beautiful sceneries in the region. It is located in the vicinity of Madikeri. It is a fantastic picnic spot and attracts almost all the people who come to visit Coorg.

Raja’s Seat

It is the spot from where the kings of the place would enjoy the sunset. The view from this place is enchanting and mesmerizes almost everyone who goes there. The government has taken steps to increase the tourist interaction in this place by setting up a garden near the Raja’s Seat.


It is a beautiful island which is located on river Cauvery. It is spread across an area of 64 acres and is accessible from the major regions of the district. The island can be easily accessed from a hanging bridge. Elephant rides and boating are some of the major attractions of the island.

Omkareshwara Temple

Established in 1820 by the then ruler Lingarajendra II, the temple has been built in the Muslim style of architecture. The history surrounding the temple indicates that the Raja had killed a Brahmin and the spirit of the Brahmin priest started to torment the Raja. Thus, in order to appease the spirit of the Brahmin priest, the Raja got this temple constructed. The history of the temple can be found on the entrance of the temple, carved in a copper plate and hung on the frame of the entrance door.

Best Time to Visit

The summer time is the best time to visit this place as the heat does not go as high. However, you can also enjoy the beauty of the place during the winters as the temperature of the place does not fall too steep. The only time to avoid the place is the time from July to August, when there are heavy showers and it becomes difficult to travel around the places.


To accommodate the various tourists, there are many luxury resorts and hotels in the region. Madikeri is the main region where most of the hotels are located. You can also find cheap, yet comfortable accommodation.

How to Reach

Madikeri, the main place in Coorg, is connected via roads to Mangalore, Bangalore, Kannur and Mysore. The rail connectivity is not directly available and neither is air connectivity. However, the nearest railway station of Kannur and Mysore can help you reach Madikeri. The nearest airports are Mysore Airport, Mangalore International Airport and Greenfield Kannur Airport.

Madikeri also has access to the New Mangalore Seaport and people can also reach Coorg via the waterways. However, in order to enter the district, the only mode of transportation that can be used in the roadways.

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