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The name ‘Kodachadri’ translates into a hilly region full of mountain jasmine. The name is somewhat justified by the fact that the Kodachadri is home to many unusual flora and fauna and this is indeed a sight for nature lovers. Blessed with a beautiful landscape, Kodachadri is covered with dense forest of Shola and all features associated with a typical tropical rain forest. The place is also rich in iron and manganese ore. Protective measures have been undertaken by the locals to prevent such mining activities so that the natural beauty and balance of the place remains intact. Kodachadri is a good choice for trekkers who are beginning their expeditions and all the more since it has not yet become immensely crowded or popular. It is located at a distance of 115 km from Shimoga town and is the highest peak in the Shimoga district. It is 36 km from Hosanagara. Believers say that Adi Shankaracharya, the great Indian philosopher, meditated at Kodachadri.


The remnants of pre-historic age constructions clear the fact that Kodachadri had attracted the human race long before the arrival of civilization. These structures from the monolithis age can be seen about 20 kilometres outside Nagara-Nilsakal. One can witness a temple dedicated to the Ancient Mother Goddess Mookambika which speaks of the legend of goddess Mookambika having fought and killed the demon Mookasura at that very place. It was also a favourite trekking destination among Europeans around the 19th Century. Locals believe that the temple at Kollur was built by Adi Shankaracharya. A small temple called Sarvajnapeetha built with stone is dedicated to Adi Shankara at the top of Kodachadri. One can find in the writings of many experts, historians and among the scribbles of the common man, praises for Kodachadri.


Kodachadri is located in the Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka. It is 1343 kilometres above sea level, 21 kilometres from Kollur and 15 from Nagodi village. Covered in dense forests, the place has all the features of a tropical rain forest. No wonder, it is home to many unknown flora and fauna which include The Indian Rock Python, Malabar Langur, Indian Tiger, Indian Leopard, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Elephant, Hyena and many more. Summers in Kodachadri are pleasant while monsoons experience heavy rains and restrict outdoor activities. Winters bring extreme cold and fog.

Places to Visit

Like all mountain peaks, Kodachadri is also a wonderful place to witness the sun rising in the early hours of the day or watch the beauty set in the evenings and heave a sigh.

Sarvajna Peetha

A small temple like structure, this is close to the place where Adi Shankara meditated. It is believed that the philosopher visited this temple too. This is the most well-known point of Kodachadri. On route to Sarvajna Peetha, one will notice the Ganesha Guha, a mysterious cave with an ancient idol of the Hindu God, Ganesha.

Moola Mookambika Temple

Hindus believe that it was at this spot where thousand years ago demon Mookasura fought and was killed by Goddess Mookambika. This is located near the Kodachadri peak. In front of the mandir is an iron pillar about 40 feet high and according to devotees, this is the very trishula used by goddess Mookambika to defeat the demon Mookasura. Scientists conducted tests and found out that the structure was made with ancient metallurgical skills. It has not undergone as much damage as it should have due to elements of weather and is hence considered a fine example of Indian craft skills.

Hidlumane Falls

Located at a distance of 5 kilometres from Kodachadri, this falls can be reached by trekking.

Arasinagundi Falls

This is located near Dhali village, 6 kilometres from Kollur.

Belakallu Theertha

15 kilometres from Kollur is Mudur, Jadkal, towards the southern side of Kodachadri and here is situated another waterfalls called the Belakallu Theertha.

Nagara Fort

An 18th century fort, this is located at a distance of 25 kilometres from Kodachadri.

Venkatarayana Durga

This is a small hillock located behind the tourist bungalow on Kodachadri. Tourists enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset from this spot.
Trekkers interested in adding Kodachadri to their list to places should start from Nagodi village or Shimoga village, located at the base of Kodachadri. After due permission from the Forest Department, one can arrange for a night stay in tents.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and March are the best times for visiting Kodachadri.


There are very few accommodations at Kodachadri and it is best to settle down at Kollur where one will have a number of options. Hotels are decent with nothing over the top, but affordable, hygienic, clean and comfortable rooms and toilets.

How to Reach


Shimoga is located at a distance of 285 kilometres from Bangalore. A three hours’ drive from Udupi in Shimoga will take one to Nagodi village which is near the base of Kodachadri. The peak is connected with rough jeep roads and it is advisable to not travel with other less sturdy cars.


The nearest rail station is Shimoga.


Mangalore is the nearest domestic airport while Bangalore is the same for international flights.

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