Transportation In Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu Kashmir tourism is known for its beautiful snow-capped hilly terrain and ancient architecture making it the favoured destination among adventure sports seekers. The natural untrammelled landscape lined with rugged terrains, snaking water bodies, vast meadows, snow bound mountains and rocky hills attracts a large number of tourists. They love to indulge in a variety of adventure sports activities like rock climbing, camping, whitewater rafting and trekking. The best months for trekking are between the months of April to November. One does not need any special permit for trekking; however, registering with the nearest Jammu & Kashmir tourism office is mandatory.

Services of Jammu & Kashmir travel agencies in Leh and Srinagar can be availed for camping tours and trekking. DIY tourist can take licensed Jammu & Kashmir tourism guides to scout the area themselves. Besides, trekking and camping one can also try out the other adventure sports as ice skating, paragliding, water skiing, white water rafting, diving and trout fishing. First timer adventure sports enthusiast should just not be worried about learning new sports as Jammu & Kashmir tourism department along with many private training centers provide training under the guidance professionally trained instructors and assist in sport related equipment hiring.

Being a popular tourist destination, there are a number of domestic airlines that serve the Srinagar and Jammu sector. Train services have been upgraded with a new line being added around the Kashmir valley and a direct Jammu-Srinagar one. Leh and Ladakh can be reached using the road transport, especially shared taxis. One does not require permits to tour Jammu and Kashmir State; however, it would be in self interest to pay attention to the issued security directives. Information is put up in the Tourist Centers. Public transports are particularly soft targets during a political upheaval; it is advisable to use chartered local jeeps and taxis.

Travel to Jammu & Kashmir by Air

Regular flights to Srinagar from Delhi and Jammu are operated by various airlines from Budgam airport, located 15 Kms from Srinagar City. From the airport,  one can use services of Jammu 7 Kashmir Tourism that ply tourist coaches and taxis to Srinagar city.

Travel to Jammu & Kashmir by Rail

The main railway station of the state is Jammu Tawi. Part of the Northern Railways, it is well connected to all major stations of the country.

Travel to Jammu & Kashmir by Road

Srinagar and Jammu are well connected by an all-weather road and further to most North Indian highways.


"Enabling people of the State to avail safe, efficient and affordable transport services with enhanced connectivity commensurate with the socio-eco development of the State."J&K

Transport Department

As the road link is vital to the state’s economy and tourism, the Transport Department ensures smooth functioning of J&K State Motor Garages, J&K Motor Vehicle Department and J&K State Road Transport Corporation. It is their endeavour to provide safe and economical transportation to all the regions, especially to the most remote areas and during bad weather for which it has employed various programmes and policies.

Keeping the hilly terrain in mind, the department has upgraded road safety measures to minimize pollution and road accidents by training drivers and providing them with the technical know-how for better mechanically fitted vehicles. The department’s other main function is to keep a check on the number of the private transporters that run commercial vehicles and the fare charged. To ensure that the tourists, as well as the locals, enjoy mutual benefits of the economy and prudent pricing, the State Transport Authority standardizes the fare periodically after careful consideration and consultation with private transport owners and public representatives. This way it can keep a tab on exorbitant rates.

All decision making activities relating to transport in the state are decided in the Transport Secretariat. Its administrative department is equipped to issue notifications, orders, make policies, guidelines and determine objectives that will yield better and efficient public services. These are the main functions of the transport department. 

Problems and Services

Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir is not just popular because of its scenic beauty and cultural heritage architecture, but for adventure sports the state offers in a variety. The vast meadows, Chinar lined forest and hills, rocky terrain, flowing streams and sparkling rivers and snow-capped mountains make it perfect for rock climbing, trekking and camping. Popular locations like Gulmarg and Pahalgam and many others are best visited between the months of April to November. Camping and trekking do not require permits, but registration with the Jammu & Kashmir tourism office is essential. Licensed guides by Jammu & Kashmir State are available from the tourism office at reasonable rates. Many in Srinagar and Leh based travel tour operators provide for guided trekking and camping activities. Besides trekking and camping, one can try out other exciting adventures such as water skiing, ice skating, paragliding and sailing, diving, trout fishing and white water rafting. Services of professionally trained instructors and equipment can be availed from Jammu & Kashmir tourism and privately run centers. This is especially beneficial for amateur sports adventurist.

Jammu Tawi is the largest and major railway station. The laying of rail lines along with other railway related construction betweenJammu and Baramula via Srinagar Valley started in 1990. The work picked up speed by the early 21st century and rail link was established between Baramula to Anantnag located southeast of Srinagar in the valley, andJammu and Udhampur. Air links between Jammu and Srinagar State to Delhi with a service link to Leh and major Indian metros were also opened.


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