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Verinag Spring

Verinag Spring is one of the largest springs of our country, India which is situated in Kothar district. It is 78 kms from Srinagar and can be easily reached from the bypass Jammu Kashmir highway. Verinag is said to the main source of river Jhelum. It is titled after Nila Nag who was the son of wise and holy being Kashyap Rishi. He was the person who converted the Kashmir valley. The spring was earlier in circular shape in the form of a Kund. In 1620, emperor Jehangir changed it into octagonal shape. The remains of Mughal structure and bath tubs are still available, down the eastern stream of Verinag. Today, the 80 m circumference of the spring has been surrounded by the wall in order to keep it safe.

Present Condition

In the present day, the beautiful place is besieged by pine trees. Other than Verinag spring, there are also colorful flowers gently swinging with musical rhythm of mountain air making the tour pleasant and attractive. Covering 203 kms in Kashmir valley, it drains into the Wular lake. From there, it goes to Pakistan after passing through Uri and Baramulla. Its water iss known for containing healing powers and medicinal values.

Reaching Points

By Air

The accessible way to reach Verinag is by flight. The closest aerodrome is at Badgam district which is around 80kms from Verinag village.

By Rail

The adjoining railway station is at Jammu which takes around 1 hour to reach Verinag. It is also in connection to various other other areas of Jammu and Kashmir with numerour well maintained roads leading to Verinag.

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