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Monastero Chemre Gompa

Monastero Chemre Gompa or Chemre Monastery is one of the gilded and fascinating Buddhist Monasteries in the terrain of Ladakh, perched at a distance of about 40 kms away from the Leh town, to its eastern side. One can enjoy the breath taking view of this beautiful Monastery from the place at which Chang La and Pangong Tso intersects. Even though, the Monastery is pretty exotically constructed, it is the natural and beautiful lush green agricultural fields, which helps in the seeing the sights of the places to be rejoiced by the visitors from all religions and communities.

Followers of Buddhism visit and appreciate this Monastery for its wonderful work of art and grandness, with Guru Padmasambhava who is finding a vital place in these ancient sculptures and the gates are beautifully build in a magnificent structure. Most significant characteristic about the Monastero Chemre Gompa is its position, in the midst the incredible and awesome picturesque sceneries, where group of trees are providing the required lush greenery all around the Monastery. Enthusiasts of Photography find these exotic locations very suitable all round the year, and at the same time, giving a reason sufficient for the excursion to this Monastero Chemre Gompa.

During the 28th and 29th days, especially in the 9th month, of the Tibetan calendar, annually there are dances arranged, to rejoice and celebrate this vibrant festival, in which the monks participate (who are living in the Monastery) along with various Buddhist leaders and numerous local people attending the different programs arranged in the Monastero Chemre Gompa.


Some people considered that the Monastero Chemre Gompa was constructed by the Red Hats, nearly in the 17th century. The Hemis inspired them, giving the belief that some of the Hemis also stated that this Chemre Monastery is an expansion of their own Monastery. The Monastery is believed to belong to the monastic order of the Buddhist Drugpa and it was created by Lama Tagsang Raschen, it was the ruler Semge Namgyal, the monastery was devoted to whom.


Most prominent feature regarding the Chemre Monastery is the beautiful lush greenery which is surrounding it, hardly ever found in any place, along with mouth watering trees of raspberry and lovely yellow flowers as well as a variety of other species of trees. Standing in the midst of this lavishing greenery stands the structure of Chemre Gompa, in the company of white beautiful stupas giving a notable characteristic. Inside this attractive Gompa, the artistic work is pretty exotic, notable by the alluring sculptures of a variety of Buddhism culture in addition to divinities and Kings. Swami Padmasambhava’s statue is nearly 300 years ancient, a characteristic, which is believed to be incredibly striking.

A twisting road is there, which leads to the Chemre Monastery and the monks are the first to be seen on the entrance of the gates. They are engaged in prayers and soundless chanting. The photographs of the Chemre Monastery are allowed to be shot and visitors can also go off to the roof, where the valley downward which offers a breath taking sight of the lush greenery surrounding there. Within the Monastery there is a beneficial museum, providing loads of admirable information to the visitors, those who want to know further about the picturesque Monastery and added feature of the Buddhist sect the Monastery belongs to which.

Also there are many ancient books and works of literary, statues, utensils, bronze, dishes, musical instruments, antique items and many more. Some alluring scriptures are also there, in which titles in silver letter are there and the pages in the inner portion have gold letters written there.

Reaching There

The Chemre Monastery is perched nearly 9 kilometers away from Leh and can be reached easily by a taxi. There are also regular taxi and bus services to the Leh district. Though, the roads which leads to Leh are very well maintained, this is a very long and exhausting journey of nearly two days.

JKSRTC gives service to Leh (700 km) from Srinagar which takes about two days and HRTC gives service to Leh (474 km) from Manali, which takes around 20 hours to reach there. The buses will nearly charge you at anyplace between Rs 1,500 to 2,000 for one way tour per person. The Bus Stand of Leh is hardly a kilometer away from the main city. Taxi is also available from the bus stand to get to these places.

The closest railway station which leads to Leh is the Kalka station from where one can get a bus or taxi through Shimla to Manali. There are regular taxis and bus services in Manali to and from Leh.

Leh is connected to Delhi via regular flights. It takes nearly 65 minutes to get to Leh from Delhi through the regular flight. Direct flights operate once a week to Srinagar from Leh and twice a week to Jammu.

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