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Manjushrilha Khang

  • State: Jammu and Kashmir
  • District: Leh
  • Famous for: religious history
  • Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Ladakhi, and English
  • Best Season: May to September
  • Altitude: 3,500 meters above sea level
  • Pin code: 194xxx (vary)
  • STD code: 01982

Ladakh is an area with a lot of unique secrets and attractions. Some of which never cease to surprise. There are massive hills and snow-capped Himalayan and Karakoram valleys here, with a rapidly-flowing Indus and Zanskar water streams. There are also several places where one can enjoy snowfall on hills nestled among lavish natural landscapes, all create a great desire for tourists. In short, Ladakh is an art by the creator of nature.

For tourist visiting Indian soil, a trip is incomplete without a journey to Ladakh. Ladakh is not only a trekkers’ heaven, but a pleasure for travelers. It comforting, soothing scenarios amidst stunning and picturesque sceneries.

Situated close to Lotsawa La-khang in Alchi town of Leh, ManjushriLha-Khang is a renowned local temple with a great prestige story behind it. ManjushriLha-Khang shrine is also known as JampeLhakhang and is said to have been designed in 12th or 13th century. This square shrine consist four pictures of Manjushri, a well-known Bodhisattva. The sculptures of this shrine adhere to the concept of thousands of Buddhas, while goddesses and gods are in majority at the wall place.

Alchi-Manali road is one of the two significant transport ways that link ManjushriLha-Khangwith main towns. This is the globe's second highest road, where transportation could be done at 5328 m from sea level. This road is accessible generally in few weeks of July to mid-October.

Best Time to Visit the Place

Spring and summer are the best time to visit ManjushriLha-Khang. Leh is closed for travelers during winters because of the sub zero temperatures and difficult terrain.

Nearby Restaurant

Alchi Resort Leh-Ladakh is a cool place to hang out at. You can cherish various Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes here.

How to Reach Here

By Road

ManjushriLha-Khangis well linked by road to Alchi town that’s located 70 km western from the Leh. Cabs from Leh are pretty easily available for this place. Alchi is also linked with Leh via frequent buses. There are several tours and travel companies run frequent bus to Leh, you can take them also.

By Train

The nearest station is Jammu, where you can reach directly from Delhi, or from Jammu you can take a bus or cab drive to Srinagar and then to Leh. From Leh you can continue by bus or cab to reach Alchi, which is 70 km from Leh. If you are here for more activities you can also get motorbikes on rental basis in Leh.

By Air

Nearest airport terminal is at Leh, which is 41km from Alchi. Form the airport you can hire a bus or cab. Flight tickets are available from Leh to Delhi, Jammu, Chandigarh, and Srinagar.

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