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Why Visit Chandigarh

The Union Territory of India – Chandigarh is the capital of two states: ‘Punjab’ and ‘Haryana’. As Haryana got separated from Punjab on 1st November 1966, Chandigarh was turned into a Union Territory and THE capital of two states. It is located on the foothills of Himalaya’s Shivalik range. The name Chandigarh comes from a temple in the city, named as Chandi.

Chandigarh is the first planned city of India. Its planning was done by a French architect who was born in Switzerland, namely ‘Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris’ known by his title name ‘Le Corbusier’. The city boasts of wide and clean roads, straggling gardens with a lush green cover and an eventful year. 38.8% of the city’s geographical area is covered with greenery, which is considered to be the maximum in India compared to other cities. Due to all these factors, Chandigarh is regarded as ‘The Beautiful City’ and hence it has become a much coveted destination for tourists from across all the corners of the world. Visitors or tourists from the UAE, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Malaysia, Germany and the US among others visit the ‘Beautiful City’ every year. The number of tourists visiting the city reached up to 39,000 last year.

Why Visit Chandigarh

Being the only planned city in India, Chandigarh has many such spots which attract thousands of tourists. The number of foreign tourists visiting the city has considerably increased in the past few years. Around 638,000 tourists visited here in 2005, which increased to 960,912 in 2008. The following are the fascinating destinations which are a must visit for tourists:

  • The Rock Garden - Spanning over acres of land, it came into existence by Nek Chand. It composes of many sculptures in courtyards which are linked together.
  • The Cactus Garden - It was established in 1987 and comprises of a huge collection of even those species of cactus which are endangered now.
  • The Sukhna Lake - It is an artificial lake where there are many enchanting attractions such as the Jogging parks, cafeterias, and an amusement park also.
  • Le Corbusier Centre - It is a must-see destination in Chandigarh. It was initially Le Corbusier’s office where the master plan of Chandigarh was developed by him. There is lot to look at and learn for the tourists, as there are Le Corbusier’s quotes displays, which gives a real feeling of him speaking to you, letters of correspondence between Nehru and Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier made extraordinary contributions to Chandigarh of which this museum is a great tribute.
  • The Chandigarh Museum - It gives an insight into the Chandigarh city that how it was originally built.
  • The Rose Garden - It is the largest rose garden in Asia.
  • The Capitol Complex - Comprising of the Secretariat, the Assembly and High Court, it gives an incredible experience to tourists of the Indian Bureaucracy.
  • The Mohali Cricket Field - It has been the host for many cricket matches in India.
  • Amusement Parks - ‘Fun City’ and ‘Thunderzone’ are the two fun and amusement parks in Chandigarh.

Apart from these famous destinations, there is much more to feel and enjoy throughout the year. Their festivals, greenery and cleanliness add more to the charm and beauty of the city. So, visiting here is, no doubt, a pleasurable and amazing experience.

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