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Weather In Delhi

The geographical location is an important aspect which decides the weather of Delhi. Delhi actually sits 225m above sea level. It is another fact that the capital city is positioned on the Gangetic fertile plains amongst the Aravallies and Himalayas. Since the city is situated far away from the sea, it is prone to experience extreme climatic conditions.

There are five seasons such as winter, summer, monsoon, spring and autumn. Delhi is a city which has all these seasons influencing it. The tough fact about Delhi is that during the summers, the place is unpleasant and really hot. The severe summer plays its part during the months from April to October and are long sessions. July up to August end is a refreshing period where monsoon rain initiates and brings joy to Delhi. The period between October and February can be the best period to visit and hover around Delhi. These periods are perfect as the temperature shoots up to 22C and during the evenings it’s idyllic and unruffled.

Season Overview in Delhi

Delhi experiences all the seasons throughout the year. When summer is taken into account the months March to June are the peak period. Temperature shoots to 47ºC and for the same reason tourists avoid Delhi. It is during this period that dry weather and very hot climate is experienced. Monsoon and rainy season which cools the people of Delhi falls during July to September. Heavy flooding rains are experienced and gardens of Delhi are brightened during this period. Pleasant days with warm days and cool nights are a period during the autumn season that prevails during October and November. In the same manner when its winter it’s to the same extreme like summer. During the month of December to January, cool climate is present in Delhi where the temperature drops to 1ºC. January is a period where fog wraps the city causing flight delays and traffic delays.

Experience the Weather of Delhi in a Different Way

The crummy climate is a disadvantage when discoursing about Delhi. The period from November to March is a perfect period to visit Delhi as the climate is good. Sightseeing and enjoying the city can be well achieved during this period as it would be accompanying. The furnace of heat is initiated during summer during the month of April and the temperature shoots to 40ºC during that month. The excruciating period is during the month of May and June, the period is worse and here roads melt, birds are unable to battle the heat and drop, and people who are unable to conquer heat never last. For those brave hearted people who think they can survive the heat can find illusion when travelling on large highway roads.

To refresh and calm down after battling with summer, July is a period which brings in humidity along with monsoons. This period is also arguable as the temperature stands still in 30’s during this period. The monsoon period is invigorating as heavy showers wet the city each afternoon and continuously rains every day. Throughout August and September the rains play their role and by the end of this period rain starts shadowing off and makes the climate bearable.

After October when the climate is pleasant is when the tourism era begins. The chilly climate is also a good period to hover around under the sun during December and January. Peaceful parks and ancient monuments are to be visited and enjoyed during this period. The period during February and March which is the spring period is a time period which makes Delhi gorgeous. This period makes Delhi colorful as the parks and gardens of Delhi are filled with various shades and colors of flowers. Mughal gardens can be enjoyed by tourists during this period.

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