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How To Reach Delhi

Reaching Delhi

In Mahabharatha, Indraprastha occupied a place of importance for it was the capital of the great Pandavas and not just that, it was centre of historical importance, good governance and also symbolized a rich heritage. Today, Delhi, which is believed to have housed the old Indraprastha, stands as a symbol of our rich ancient culture and heritage. Along with that parts of the city have also donned contemporary lifestyle and culture. With the majestic but calm Yamuna flowing through it, Delhi today represents a mixed culture as people from all over the country made the city their home. Adding to its importance is its position as the Capital of India, and thus the focus of political developments.

Delhi, with its tryst with ancient history and modern era, is a tourist’s delight as on one hand, they get to experience the nostalgia of yesteryears and at the same time, get a chance to experience the luxurious lifestyle of modern Delhi. With modern infrastructure and the easy availability of convenient and comfortable transport facilities, Delhi adds to the joy of the tourists. The public transport of Delhi connects to various parts of the city and with Metro, travelling in public transport has also become cool and trendy. Yet, Delhi is also striving to make the transport facilities all the more better as modernization and expansion of transport sector is on even now.

Though buses are a common feature on Delhi roads, one can also find cycle-rickshaws a favored means of transport, giving passengers a taste of a bygone era. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available.

By Air

Delhi, being the capital of India and the centre of political activities in Parliament, the IGI or the Indira Gandhi International Airport is a busy one all through the year. It is also the only airport in Delhi and it is estimated that around 23 million passengers have so far used the airport for travelling. The airport is well-connected to almost all the main cities of India and even connects to the major cities in the globe. The airport is still expanding and new infrastructure is being added to it under GMR. Travelling by air to Delhi is more convenient as it does save much precious time.

By Train

Travelling by railways to get to Delhi is also pretty convenient as New Delhi Railway Station is connected to most of the major railway stations in India from north to south. Even the other railway stations in Delhi are connected to New Delhi railway station. It is easy to reach New Delhi from H. Nizamuddin, Old Delhi, Sarai Rohilla and Anand Vihar by train. Thus, tourists who wish to travel to different parts of Delhi can easily and conveniently do so by travelling in trains.

Northern Railways, of which Delhi is a part, runs trains from mostly all parts of India to Delhi. There are 5 major railway stations in Delhi which see heavy passenger traffic almost all through the year and mostly during holiday season. They are:

  • New Delhi railway station
  • Old Delhi Station
  • H. Nizamuddin Railway Station
  • Anand Vihar Railway Terminal
  • Sarai Rohilla Terminal

By Road

Delhi not only enjoys its reputation as the capital city of the country but it is also renowned for its ancient historical heritage, monuments and so on. Also, it has developed a lot in terms of industrialization, which in turn has paved way for better roads and road transport. The modern road network in Delhi is well-connected to all the major cities and towns of India and it is easy to reach the neighbouring areas of Greater Noida, Noida and Gurgaon by road. The credit for this well maintained network and high upkeep of roads should go to the public agencies that maintain it, namely, DDA or Delhi Development Authority and MCD or Municipal Corporation of Delhi.  PWD or Public Works Department, DCB or Delhi Cantonment Board and NDMC or New Delhi Municipal Council is also responsible for the roads of Delhi.

Taking into consideration the heavy pollution problem faced by vehicular traffic, public transports in Delhi have been using CNG or Compressed Natural Gas as it causes lesser pollution compared to diesel and other fuels.

Apart from public transport, other modes of road transport facilities available in Delhi are taxis, auto rickshaws and also cycle rickshaws. Radio cabs too are available on just a call.  The public transport buses are run by Delhi Transport Corporation or DTC.  Another fun mode of travel that tourists can find is the HOHO buses, which stands for Hop On Hop Off. The best thing about these buses is that you can get into it from anywhere and alight at any place as you wish. No need for bus stops. It is just that these tickets have to be booked in advance online and mostly day passes are available, just valid for the day you are travelling.

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