Being the national capital, New Delhi experiences a hot and humid climate for major period of the year. It is during the period of June where the city climate adapts to a hot climate. The following monsoon month is a relieving period which falls somewhere after September. The fact is that the monsoon period of Delhi is unpredictable, unlike other places in India. When discussing about winters in Delhi, it is unpredictable and leads to extreme chillness. The winter period initiates during the period of November and continues till February. The winter period introduces a foggy and chilly climate which makes it tough for the people to battle with. Delhi is situated on the river banks of Yamuna, with Himalayas in the northern part which stands to be a sole reason for the continental climate.

The extreme climatic condition of Delhi makes winter very cold with degrees dropping to 4ºC during the period of December to January. May and June are summer months which offer a hot experience where temperatures shoot to 46ºC. When rainy seasons are taken into account, it has a small life span from July to September.

If you have planned to visit Delhi for a tour, then make sure that the city is perfect during the winter and short lived spring. Lying to about 160km south of Himalayas, Delhi experiences the coldest climate during winter with chilled explosion of blow towards the snowcapped mountains. The Delhiites who are used to summer find it difficult and frustrating to live with the winter, whereas foreigners find it convenient as they are used to living in low temperatures of 3º C to 21ºC. Icy winds, bound up fog and light rainfall are witnessed during this period.

Once the cold winds of December to January is over it paves way for the pleasant month of March. The Basant Bahar is sung by the gorgeous birds, it is during this period that the grasses are blessed fresh, flowers blossom and trees are seen with a shiny over coat on them. If Delhiites are lucky, the spring gets extended to a period beyond the mid of April.

Then comes May with hot heels and makes complete Delhi a hot city. The summers are as hot as the winters are extreme which make Delhi scald. The temperature during this period shoots to about 47ºC which leads to dehydration. The locally called loo or the hot winds and dust storms are part of summer’s experience.

Summer Season

25ºC to 45ºC is the temperature that prevails during the summer season. This enough is vital to predict that summers are awkward and is never easy to bear. The hottest month of the year is during the period of May and June. The summers in Delhi pave way for the hot waves called loo in Rajasthan. These waves are hot and proper precautions are to be taken well in advance. Summers are dragged till the month of October till the winter touches and prevails in. it is during the end of June when, monsoon brings in some relief to Delhiites. Monsoons in Delhi are unpredictable and are rare at times.

Winter Season

Winter is another session of season which initiates by the end of November and prevails till February- March. When a comparison is made with other seasons, winters are short. The cold waves that arouse from Himalayas make Delhi a very chilly state during the winters. It is during the peak period of winter, that the temperature falls between 3ºC to 4ºC. To conquer the cold waves, bon fires are initiated all around Delhi by the people. Do not forget about the fog and smog in Delhi as they are severe and make congested traffic and flight delays. January is a period where dense fog wraps the city, so drivers are advised to take measures to drive in the midst of fogs. In spite of the foggy winter, afternoons are bright with sunlight.

Monsoon (rainy season)

July to September is the rainy season which prevails for a short duration. October is the end of monsoon and makes the climate pleasant. The rainy season is interesting as it relieves people from the hot and humid climate. Showers pour on the streets and wet Delhi during this period.

Autumn Season

Late September and November is a period which predicts autumn season. The climate is excellent and pleasant during this period where temperature ranges from 20 to 30ºC. Cotton and light clothes are preferred during this period. This season is a perfect period for tourists to visit and enjoy the city.

Spring Season

The spring season makes its presence from the end of February to March. This period brings in temperature from 20 to 25 degrees. The sunny and pleasant climate makes outing and sightseeing a perfect choice and tourists and Delhiites can wear light woolen clothes during this period.

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