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Sur Sarovar Sanctuary

Sur Sarovar Sanctuary is located about 17 km from Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. It is sprawled in a vast 15-acre green land. The Sanctuary extends to about 4 km. The place at Keetham is about 175 km from Delhi.

The Sanctuary is soaked in natural beauty. It is so beautiful that poet Soordas was inspired to write “Bhakti Kavya,” which is regarded as one of the best devotional poetries ever written.

The place houses migratory and local birds, mongoose, jackal, and hares. They roam freely in the Sanctuary.


The Uttar Pradesh Forest Department set up Sur Sarovar Sanctuary around Keetham Lake in 1991. The Sanctuary lake covers 2.25 sq km area and is 4-8 m deep.

The Forest Department has transformed the area surrounding the lake into wetlands. Due to this the lake is now a haven for birds, which include birds from the local area and from outside India.

On March 27, 1991, the UP Forest Department named the entire area around Keetham Lake as National Bird Sanctuary.


Climate around the lake is bitter cold during winter and hot, windy during summer. The average temperature fluctuation throughout the year ranges from 1.5 degree Celsius to 49 degree Celsius. Monsoon is from July to September.


The beautiful Sur Sarovar Sanctuary houses more than 100 species of local and migratory birds, plus about 18 reptile species and 12 mammal species. This includes Brahminy ducks, Siberian cranes, Saurus cranes, gadwalls, bar-headed geese, shovellers, and spoonbills.

During summers, macrophytic vegetation of Potamogeton species and Water Hyacinth cover the whole area around the lake. During winters, avifauna adorns the lake, as the water quality here supports its growth.

Tourists can enjoy the marvelous views of purple Heron, grey Heron, Cormorants, little Gerbs, Paddy bird, and Darter. Tourists can also see large egrets, cattle egrets, little egrets, and more egrets! Then there is the night Heron, Comb Duck, Pintail, Spoonbill, Bar headed Goose, and Greying Goose.

Sanctuary Timings

Sur Sarovar Sanctuary is open from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening during summer and winter.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to come to Agra and around is from October to March.


Several hotels exist around and in Agra city due to the presence of other major attractions here like the Taj Mahal. So tourists have no problem staying here during their visit.


Keetham Lake, which is pentagonal in shape, is in a catchment area of 7.13 sq km. Tourists can find artificially-created islands that provide breeding grounds and shelter to migratory birds. A good thing is that the Lake lies enroute Delhi, so tourists coming to and going from Delhi can stop at this place.

Sur Sarovar features one of the largest Bear Rescue centres.

Apart from this, the Taj Mahal is about 23 km from Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary.

How to Reach

Agra is well connected through road and rail to major cities of India. Agra is directly connected through airways to Delhi, Khajuraho, and Varanasi. The most convenient airport is Delhi. The Delhi to Agra road distance is about 204 km.

Sur Sarovar Sanctuary is also accessible from Keethan Railway Station.