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Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is sprawled in about 500 km area in Mirzapur and Sonbhadra district in the border of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This place has a mystical charm and can be accessed from any remote area of the country.


Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary was set up in 1982.


Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary harbors animals like black buck, blue bull, sambhar, chital, chinkara, mongoose, peafowl, wild dogs and cats, tiger, leopard, snake, rabbit, porcupine, baboon, bear, ratal, wolf, Indian monkey, and jackal.

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary features beautiful tree species that enhance the natural wonder of this place. The Sanctuary is dotted with trees like saal, siddha, sheesham (teak), mahua, salai, jamun, jheengar, koraiya, and more.


Lush dense forest and vast variety of wildlife are the attractions of Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Rock paintings, pre-historic caves, several waterfalls, and a rich heritage of rare fossils are also irresistible, especially for historians, adventure lovers, artists, and seekers of serenity and pristine natural beauty.

Best Time to Visit

October to March is the best time to visit Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary. Mornings and evenings are ideal to roam around in this place.

How to Reach

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary lies 130 km from Varanasi, 60 km from Chunar, and 26 km from Robertsganj. Tourists can hire a taxi from Varanasi or Robertsganj. The nearest railway station is at Robertsganj. The nearest airport is Babatpur Airport in Varanasi.