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Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary

Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary is around 67 kilometers from Balrampur, which is situated about 42 kilometers from Gonda in UP’s Sravasti & Balrampur district. The Sanctuary lies in proximity to India’s border with Nepal.

The Sanctuary is sprawled in an area of 452 sq km. It is covered with trees like Saal, Sagaun (Teak), haldu, asna, jamun, sheesham, bahera, khair, and more.

Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary has two parts – East and West. East Suhelwa is about 15 kilometers from West Suhelwa. The core area of the Sanctuary is made up of five forest ranges. Two ranges are integrated in a manner that they make up the buffer zone of the area.

The Sanctuary is linked to the lush forest of Mahadevpuri, which is in Nepal. The place houses tigers. This is the major attraction here. The latest census of tiger population in this area estimates their number to be approximately 10.


Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary was set in 1988.


It is chilly cold in winter and extremely hot during summer. Most migratory birds visit the Sanctuary during winter.


Animals present in Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary include tiger, cheetah, leopard, bear, boar, blue bull, and wild cat. There is a variety of birds here. A few examples of migratory birds are Common Teal, Red & Blue Pochard, and Siberan Crane.

In 2012, about 108 vultures were seen in Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary by a district officer of the forest. Vultures are on the verge of extinction in India and sighting of them at this place provided a ray of hope for bird lovers. Vulture species seen here included Cinerous Vulture, Long-Billed Vulture, and White-Backed Vulture.

Sanctuary Timings

The Sanctuary is open from sunrise to sunset.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place is between mid-October and mid-March.

How to Reach

The nearest bus stand and railway station are at Balrampur, which is 60 km from Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tourists can access the Sanctuary by road from Balrampur and from Bahraich via the district headquarter of Sravasti district, Bhinga. This route leads them to the nearest market, Sirsia. The Sanctuary is around 7 km from here. However, no bus plies from here. Tourists must hire a taxi or have their own vehicle.

The only airport is Amausi Airport of Lucknow, which is 269 km from the Sanctuary.