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Samaspur Sanctuary

The exact location of the Park is the Rohaniya Development block of the district. This park inhabits more than 250 varieties of birds. Some of the birds travel more than 5000 km to reach this park. Some of the popular varieties of birds that can be found in the park are Vision, Greleg Googe, Pin Tail, Common Teel, , Showler, Surkhab etc and some local birds like Comb Duck, spot bill, Spoon Bill, Vulture etc


This bird sanctuary was established to protect various migratory birds visiting the country. Some migratory birds can be found in the summer season.  Even though the temperature is very hot here birds reach this region form areas where the temperature is even hotter.


The climate of Rae Bareli is much similar to any other cities in northern India. The summers are very hot and not advisable for travel. There is mild rainfall in the monsoon season with high humidity. The winters are extreme during the December to February months with temperature dipping below 5oC. 


Many seasonal fruit bearing plants like Mango, Guava and Berries are found in the vicinity of the Park.  Trees like Mahuwa, Sheesham are available adequately in the Park. Also, a tall grass called “Sarpat” are found in bunches at isolated locations. There are very few medicinal herbs found in the vicinity. Migratory birds like to take shelter in the grassy areas and sometimes in the high shrubs.

Best Time to Visit

The transition period between September to November and March month is ideal to visit these areas as temperature remains very pleasant.


Rae Bareli is a popular town and the constituency of Sonia Gandhi. There are many hotels in and around the town. Visitors can get good accommodations at very cheap rates.

Visitor Information

Visitors are advised to carry Camera and Binoculars to capture the important moments of the Birds.  Also birds are not to be scared away using stones or noise. There may be ornithologists waiting for days together to have glimpse of some bird. They will be disturbed.

Attractions in National Park

Rae Bareli does not have any major tourist attraction or destination in the district. Feroz Gandhi Power Plant maintained by the NTPC is one of the attractions of the modern era and it is a place worth watching.

Indira Gandhi Botanical Garden

This garden was established in the year 1986 to maintain the ecological balance in the area. This is an excellent place for young scientists’. 

Behta Bridge

At the point of the Bridge the Sharda canal crosses the Sai River.

Shaheed Smarak

One of the important historical monuments of the British rule. Farmers were shot here by the British. 

Lala Revti Ram Ka Talab

It is one of the mysterious places in the district.

Bada Kuan

It is one of the biggest wells in Uttar Pradesh.

How to Reach

By Air

Fursatganj airport in Rae Bareli is the nearest airport located at a distance of 23 km from the sanctuary. Abundant bus and Cab facility are available from the airport to the Park. Private flights do not land here often as this is a training establishment. Hence the established airport is the Lucknow airport located at a driving time of approximately 2 hrs.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is located in Unchahar at a distance of 14 km from the sanctuary. Buses and cars are available in abundance to reach the Park premises.

By Road

This park is ideally located between the Lucknow-Varanasi roads. It is located at a distance of 122 km from Lucknow. Local taxies and tourist cars are adequately available to reach Samaspur bird sanctuary.

Within the Reserve

Guide facility is available in the Park on payment for hourly basis.