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Ranipur Sanctuary

Banda is the easternmost district of the Bundelkhand region in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary is a major tourist attraction of the state founded in the year 1977. It is spread in an area of more than 230 Sq km and is popular for its diverse wildlife. This wildlife Sanctuary is the natural habitat of numerous wild animals like leopard, sambar, tiger, blackbuck and chinkara.


During the Colonial rule the Ranipur area was one of the popular Forest and Game Reserves. It was in the year 1977 that this was officially named as the Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary by the Uttar Pradesh Government. Its administration is now being managed by the Forest Department of Banda.

In the recent past numerous wild life sanctuaries have sprung up in different parts of Uttar Pradesh providing diverse flora and fauna. Ranipur wildlife Sanctuary is one such which is a delight for the visitors which helps in preserving the biological ecosystem. Make sure that you carry a camera and binoculars when you visit this wild life sanctuary to capture the moments of excitement.

Ranipur Sanctuary offers an excellent outing from the hustle bustle of the busy city life. In each and every corner of the Sanctuary you can expect some surprise waiting for you in the form of some wild animals, reptiles or birds. The guide will be able to show you the paw marks of the wild cat and some of the other interesting things.


Banda District region experiences hot summer, slight monsoon and good winter seasons. The summer season in the region falls in the periods between March to June when the temperature reaches approximately 40 o C. The monsoon in the region is experienced between Jul to Sep and Winters between Oct to Feb. The summer season is characterized by blowing of hot winds. During the winter the temperature dips to as low as 2.5 °C. During the monsoons the region experiences heavy rainfall and occasional rains can be experienced throughout the year.


The Ranipur area falls between the terrains of lower Himalayan and Siwalik mountain ranges. The wildlife sanctuary is located in the dense forest region with small streams and rivulets offering excellent cover, food and water for the wild animals.

Avifauna or Birds

Ranipur area is popular for the various types of bird species with majority of them being the Himalayan type. The Sanctuary also offers nesting to few migratory birds. Some of the commonly found bird types in the region are Quail, Peafowl, Partridges and Jungle Fowl.

Herpatofauna or Reptiles

Some of the popular reptile variants found in the Ranipur area is Snakes like Viper, Cobra and Python. Amphibians like frogs, turtles and crocodiles.


Some of the large mammals that can be found in the area are Leopard, Tiger, Spotted deer, Sloth Bear, Sambar and Indian Bison.

Best Time to Visit

The Ranipur region experiences good commutable climate in the winters and the best season to visit the region is between Sep to Nov and Feb to March when the climate is in the transition period and pleasant.  The monsoon season is not at all advisable as the streams and rivers in the region get flooded near the Sanctuary.


There are various forest rest houses maintained by the Forest Department to accommodate the visiting tourists.  Several such rest houses are built at Chauri Village, Manikpur, Ranipur and Markundi. Tourists visiting the park can also look out for suitable accommodation in the nearby town of Karvi.

Tourists are advised to stay overnight in the Sanctuary to have a feel of the life in Jungle. It is also a good idea to try and get accommodation as close as possible to the Sanctuary to have a wholesome fun.

Visitor Information

Visitors are advised to carry a mosquito repellent cream if you have any plans of overnight stay. Also a light source or a torch will be handy to carry out an after dinner walk around the Sanctuary. The Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary falls in the Official jurisdiction of Divisional Forest Office at Banda town. The warden of the Sanctuary has his office in Karvi.


Ranipur Sanctuary offers excellent safari options for the tourists. Some of the commonly preferred Safari in the Park is Jeep Safari and Elephant-back safari. The Park also organizes night safaris and forest trail safaris for adventure enthusiasts. The Safaris are conducted by the Forest Department in the most secured manner with vehicles, guides and armed guards. The Safaris are looked after by the Ranipur Range Office.

Attractions in the Park

Kalinjer Fort

It is located 56 km south from Banda and has a mention in the great epic Mahabharata.

Khatri Pahar

This is a temple on hill top at Shydha located at a distance of 24 km from the city. This temple ruling deity is Goddess Angleshwari.

Bhuragarh Fort

This is a popular fort related to the Bundela reign. It was built using brown stones by Raja Guman Singh in the 17th Century. 

Some of the other attractions of Ranipur Sanctuary include:

  • Bamdeveshwar Temple & Mount
  • Maheshwari Temple
  • Nawab Tank
  • Jama Masjid
  • St. George’s Church (Yellow Church)

How to Reach

By Air

Allahabad airport located at a distance of 150 km is the nearest airport to the Park. However, Lucknow or Amausi airport as popularly called in the airport with good connectivity. Both from Lucknow and Allahabad tourists can easy connectivity through bus and Cars to reach the Sanctuary.

By Rail

The nearest major railway station is Allahabad Railway Station. It has excellent train connectivity from all parts of the Country. Visitors can get cabs and bus services from Allahabad to reach the Sanctuary.

By Road

Banda which is the district Headquarter is located at a distance of 80 km from the Sanctuary. Banda Town is easily accessible by road from Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow and other prominent cities of the neighboring states. 

Within the Reserve

Coaches and Gypsies are provided by the Ranipur Village Range office.