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Sandi Bird Sanctuary


In the year 1990 Sandi Bird sanctuary was created to protect the aquatic vegetation, natural habitat and migratory birds. It is also popularly called by its ancient name “Dahar Jheel” by the locals.  The total area of the Sanctuary is 3.09 Sq Km. The River Garun Ganga passes adjacent to the sanctuary.

The migratory birds arriving at this place have their habitat in and around the River near the Bird sanctuary. These birds arrive with the onset of winter in the month of November. This Sanctuary is a paradise for Bird watchers who throng in large number to study their habitat and behavior.

This Park was regularly visited by the White Siberian Crane and scientists believed that this area has an excellent environment for these birds.


The summer season in Hardoi region starts from March and reaches its peak in the May month with temperature reaching more than 400C. This climate is not enjoyable by people for sightseeing. The Monsoon season prevails between June to Sep. The region receives heavy rainfall, humidity remains high. During the winter season the temperature dips below 50C. Winter is extreme between the Dec to February months.


There are numerous migratory birds which visit the Indian sub continent mainly in the winter season. As per the estimates of the Ornithologists more than hundred species of migratory birds visit various parts of North India. These birds reach our country to escape from the biting cold and in search of feeding grounds. The main aim of this Bird Sanctuary is to protect the marine life and natural habitat for the migratory birds. These areas find birds coming by the sea routes. These birds first reach the river front near the Sandi Bird Sanctuary take shelter here before going to the Sandi Bird sanctuary. Sandi is a place of interest for the ornithologists as many rare migratory birds take shelter in the sanctuary. The bird watchers camp near the Park to have glimpse of these rare migratory birds. Some of the birds which reach here are gadwall, wigeon, sholveller, shelduck, great crested grebe, white storks, black lbis, glossy lbis, spoonbill, ruddy shelduck, pin tail, sholveller, spot bill duck, mallard, , wigeon, tufted pochard, gargancey teal, common teal, cotton teal, grey lag goose, coot, black tailed godwit, painted stock pin tail snipe, marsh sand piper, common tern, river tern, magpie robin and white wagtail. There are a total of approximately thirty thousand local birds and more than eleven thousand migratory birds in and around the Park region. The migratory birds indicate the faunal biodiversity and economic importance of this area which provides them the best habitat.  

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Sandi Bird Sanctuary is the period between Sep to Nov and March month. During this period the climate remains very pleasant. Both the summer and rainy months are not very advisable due to problems in commutation.


There are many private Hotels near the Wild Life Sanctuary. There is good number of Tourist turnover during the season.

Visitor Information

Visitors are advised to carry Cameras and Binoculars while travelling to the park to have a good view of the birds. Also visitors are advised to maintain silence in the park to avoid scaring away the birds. 

Attractions in National Park


This is the place which has lots of significance with the Puranas. Lot has been described about this place by the popular saint Tulsidas. This place is visited by people from different parts of the country as visiting this place is considered very auspicious as per Hindu mythology. 

Naimisha Forest

This is an ancient forest located on the banks of river Gomti. The reference of this forest can be found in the great epic Mahabharata.


This place has a great significance with the colonial rule. This place is often referred to as Chotti Kashi and it was the headquarters of the British after the annexation of Oudh.


This is a Historic place and related to the Governor of Aurangazeb, Diler Khan. His tomb is located at this place.


This place is popular for the Indian Sweet called Laddoos.  This sweet is famous in the entire state.

How to Reach

By Air

Chaudhari Charan Singh International Airport at Lucknow is the nearest Airport located at a distance of 94 km from the Bird Sanctuary. This airport is well connected with various destinations in the country through low fare airlines. 

By Train

Hardoi Railway station is the nearest railway station located at a distance of 19 km from the Bird Sanctuary. Northern Railways and North eastern railways operate number of trains through this station. It is well connected with Allahabad, Lucknow and the National Capital Delhi.

By Road

Hardoi is the nearest town from Sandi Bird Sanctuary located at a distance of 19 km. Hardoi has a good Bus station and number of UPSRTC buses and private buses are available from various parts of the state to reach here. Local buses or cars can be taken from Hardoi to reach the Bird Sanctuary.

Within the Reserve

Facility for Guide who has excellent knowledge of the Birds can be hired on hourly basis. Also binoculars are available on rent in the premises.