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St Patricks Church

St. Patrick’s Church is 150 years old church and is one of the oldest churches in Bangalore. It is located near Brigade road in Bangalore, which is 1.5 km from the Shivaji Nagar bus terminal. The St. Patrick Church is well maintained and beautiful place in Bangalore, where people from all religions are welcomed. It has twin bell towers, which are famous in Bangalore. Most of the tourists all over the world visit this place and enjoy the view of English influenced architecture of the St. Patrick’s church. Foundation of St. Patrick’s church was done in 1841.


St. Patrick’s Church was originally built for Irish soldiers by Gail Hot, a Roman Catholic military chaplain for the British troops. He was the first priest of the church. The original building of the St. Patrick Church has started to build in 1841. It took more than 3 years and was completed in 1844. It was known as St. Patrick’s, before it was completed. The Building is a symbol of faith in God. Fr. M. Tabanrd was the new priest of the St. Patrick’s Church in 1891. He decided to rebuild the church in 1894 and construction completed in 1899. From that time, the church has a towering structure, which we see today. It was consecrated as a cathedral of Mysore Bishops in 1899. In 2000, some modifications were done in St. Patrick’s church. Such as, it is expanded to accommodate upto 550 people in the church. This church is much popular in Bangalore, because of the twin spires. Twelve pillars in the church add glory to the interiors of the St. Patrick Church.

It has free entry. Tuesday is the special day, as many devotees visit the St Anthony’s shrine, which is adjacent to the St. Patrick Church. Within St. Patrick Church’s premises, there are middle and high school, nursery school, computer center and an orphanage. St. Patrick’s middle and high schools are well known in the Bangalore.

Anyone who visits the St. Patrick’s Church likes the calmness in the church.

St. Anthony’s Oratory

On the right of St. Patrick’s church, there is a shrine dedicated to St. Anthony. It is also known as St. Anthony’s Oratory. Devotees visit this place every Tuesday from 6 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Not only Catholic devotees, but devotees from all religions, who have faith in God visit the place. Devotees offer mostly flowers, candles and bread. While the people whose vows has been fulfilled, offer dresses for infant Jesus. Bread is distributed to poor people, while church have the sale of flowers and candles. Cash is given to needy institutions.

Parish Priest does the administration of the St. Patrick’s Church with the help of an Associate Parish priest. Patrician is the Parish paper by St. Patrick’s Church, which helps the Church to communicate with the Parishioners. The cover article is the voice of Parish Priest, which focuses on the issues, which need to be highlighted. This sophisticated paper includes some other articles related to special programs, development related issues. Also, announcements from Parish, Easter schedules, mass timings and group meetings are also included in the magazine.

Mass Timings

Sunday Mass

Sunday morning - 6:00 AM Kannada, 7:15 AM Tamil, 8:30 AM English- Children’s Mass and 9:45 AM English - Teen’s Mass
Sunday evening - 6 PM English 

Daily Mass

  • Monday to Saturday - Morning- 5:15 AM Tamil, 5:45 AM English, 7:00 AM English
  • Monday, Thursday, Friday - Evening- 5:30 PM English
  • Tuesday - 5:45 PM Tamil
  • Saturday - 6:00 PM English

Every Friday after evening mass, there is a Holy hour. On Saturdays, 4 PM onwards confessions will be heard. But anyone can approach the Parish clergy for confessions at any time.

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