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St Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral Bangalore

Located in the centre of Bangalore city, St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral is the first Syriac Orthodox church. It is on Queens Road near Vidhan Saudha. The Syrian Orthodox Church in India plays vital part of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. Several spiritual organizations are associated with St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral to facilitate smooth functioning of day to day activities in the church. These organizations also help to cultivate the holy environment and to look after the community members.


During the 20th century lot of people from Kerala immigrated to Bangalore for education and livelihood needs. As a lot of Syrian Christians moved during this time, the community started increasing with a need to develop worshipping place. Hence year 1936 saw the rise of Syrian worshipping done by Christians. But during this time, the Malankara Church was fighting with its internal issues which stopped the Syrian worship in Bangalore. The year 1975 witnessed the conflicts amongst Church and the Catholics faction which later on declared freedom from the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. With this incident, a lot of Malankara Syrian Christians got encouragement to migrate and build their own province. The loyal followers who believed in (Universal Syrian Orthodox church under the Holy See of Antioch) the power of Antioch formed St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral. The Bangalore Lutheran Church initiated worship which started in the church with 200 members in 1975. The first holy mass was conducted in the church by Rev. Fr. P.V. Paolose who was from Ernakulam, Kerala in 1976. His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka II was the supreme power. The Syrian Orthodox followers worship Mother Mary who is the mother of Jesus. Mother Mary is worshipped by Syrian Orthodox and their community has built a huge number of churches in the name of St. Mary. They worship Mother Mary more than the Protestants and lesser than the Catholics. Worshipping Mother Mary in forms of prayers and mass services is an essential part of their celebrations and day-to-day lives. In 1978, a legal entity was formed in the church named as St. Mary’s Jacobite society, through which the church approached the Bangalore City Corporation for a land lease.

Activities by St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral

St. Mary’s Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral church has initiated an effort with St. Mary’s Cathedral with the chapels St. Mary’s Jacobite society and supporters to open a school called Snehalaya. The aim of this school is to provide education to the children who come from financially backward families and make them independent. It also helps develop courage and strength within the family and to teach them to face disputes of life with nerve and dignity. The school activities include physical activities like yoga, dance, workout in the gym and mental activities like writing, reading, craft, arithmetic, computer education, music and many more. The Snehalaya school’s vision is to give children a good career path and to make them live life with pride and confidence. Donations can be sent to St. Mary’s Snehalaya Opportunity School, which are eligible for deductions under the Income Tax Act. The school runs with the generous donations received from followers.

Furthermore, there are various organizations formed and associate with St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral. Some of them are St. Mary’s Sunday school, St. Mary’s Youth Association, St. Mary’s League, St. Mary’s Senior Members Fellowship and St. Mary’s Choir singing group. The St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral has worship services during the week – First Service happens on Sunday 6:30 am, Second service happens on Sunday 08:15 am, Evening prayer happens on Saturday 06:00 pm and then the fasting prayer on Friday 10:30 am. The Holy Mass happens on Sunday morning at -8:00 am in the morning. Followers can request for Prayer services through filing an online form on the St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral’s website.

Contact Details

St. Marys Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral
#13, Queens Road, Bangalore 560 052, Karnataka, India
Phone No: 08022202854 /09845027478.

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