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East Parade Church

East Parade Church derived its name from its location as it is situated at the east side of parade ground which used to cover the whole area from Cubbon Park to presently known as Dickenson road. It was constructed by Wesleyan Methodist missionaries, in order to be used for British soldiers who were staying in Bangalore Cantonment and were following worship based on Wesleyan tradition. It was built in 1865 which was the earliest church built by Wesleyan Methodist in Mysore district. It is assumed that it was founded on 6th October, 1863 according to an inscription on one of the built up stones.

Architecture of East Parade Church

As per one of the annual reports of Wesleyan missions in 1903, it was detailed that it bears capability to accommodate 700 people and hence considered as cathedral of Methodism in the district. The church has many unique and one of a kind features like its broad and wide eight Corinthian columns, stand at the entrance gate of the church and appeal like welcoming the visitors. These eight columns give a magnificent look to the whole building. However, it is also a matter of consideration that it has no pillars and column inside the church so that they may not hindrance the view of worshippers. 

Present Scenario

The east parade church involved itself in serving two pastorates of East parade Tamil and East parade Malayalam. That is the reason that he two pastorates are so grateful that they contributed in the renovation of the church recently. Apart from that, there are too many things that the two pastorates did and even are doing for the East Parade Church.

East Parade Church – A Home for Presbyter

When East Parade Church was adopted as a home, a centenary celebration was held along with the Tamil and Malayalam pastorates. The east parade compound was enough to build a parsonage for the pastor. Bishop Sargant laid the foundation of parsonage on 6th October, 1967. Rev. V.T. Kurian was dedicated the parsonage and the first presbyter of parsonage was Rev. P.M Koshy. The resources for the construction of parsonage were provided by Malayalam congregation after which it was decided by diocese that first floor will be constructed for Tamil pastorate. Along with that, a small expansion was done including front verandah and office for the use of East Parade Church.

125th Anniversary of East Parade Church

In 1990, the East Parade Church celebrated its 125th anniversary. It was celebrated with the collaboration of two congregations leaded by Rev. Vincent Rajkumar, Presbyter Tamil pastorate and rev. P.U. Paulose and Presbyter Malayalam pastorate. Along with that, the introduction of EMPACS (East Parade Malayalam Pastoral Charitable Society) was the milestone step in the entire history of pastorate. It served and acted as a important part in 1992. Their belief is spreading awareness amongst all its members about God and his real existence, for which God has assigned them.

Mass Timings

Divine Service

Sundays- 10:15 a.m.

Contact Details

East Parade Church
Malayalam Pastorate,
No. 15, M.G. Road,

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