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St Marys Basilica Bangalore

The oldest church in Bangalore, St. Mary’s Basilica is in the state of Karnataka, India. A succession to the status of a minor basilica and located in the Archdiocese of Bangalore is St. Mary’s Basilica church. Festive celebrations take place every year in the month of September where the disciples from Bangalore and nearby places visit the St. Mary’s feast. St. Mary’s Basilica was constructed on 8th September 1882 by Rev. Fr. Kleiner.


The village “Bili Akki Palli” founded by few Christians who came from Tamil Nadu and settled in Karnataka in the 17th century, where they built a church called as Chapel of Kanikkai Madha. The first mass was conducted by, Fr. Jean Dubois in this chapel in the year 1799. The creation of St. Mary’s chapel and the development of Bangalore city are correlated. Bishop Jean-Yves-Marie Coadou, the priest of Mysore, consecrated the church on 8th September 1882. Around 4,000 Catholic followers from Bangalore and 35 priests witnessed the ceremony. St. Mary’s church received the status of a minor basilica through a Papal order issued by Pope Paul VI in the year 1973, and is the sixth church in India to receive this status. The church has tall walls and several columns, which was constructed in Gothic design with blemished glass windows which were brought in from Paris, archway and decorative images. The year 1947 witnessed the restoration of glass windows in the church again, which were removed at the time of World War II. The old style architecture can be noticed from a distance. The vicinity of the church is now known as Shivajinagar instead of Blackpally.

St. Mary’s Feast

A ten day celebration is conducted in the basilica in the month of September every year, which celebrates the birth of Mother Mary. It is the most important celebration of the year and is attended by lacks of devotees. The church is magnificently decorated for the feast. The celebrations start with the traditional flag hoisting on the first day and followers sing songs in praise of Mother Mary. The flat hoisting is done for first nine day and follows by a chariot procession on the last day where 6 feet statue of Mother Mary draped in a sari is carried on the roads. First nine days, Novena is observed from 29th August to 7th September which is attended by Indians and European Christians. Novena means the religious prayer which takes place in the Roman Catholic chapels. On 8th September every year it is the Holy feast where the birth of Mother Mary is celebrated. Devotee’s need to dress in saffron clothing during the feast. The Holy Mass is conducted in different languages as people visit the St. Mary’s Basilica from all parts of the world. As a helping hand to the poor and needy, marriage nuptials are conducted for a mass of people on that day. Furthermore, couples who have completed 50 years of marriage are blessed with a Thanksgiving Mass.  Lord’s Supper and Holy Communion are organized on the feast day and a decorated chariot with the image of Mother Mary is towed away by the followers on the streets of Bangalore. The devotees who attend the mass wear crimson colour dresses for 40 days before the feast. The chariot is kept for display for one month after the feast. During the feast followers from the city visit the chapel with flowers and candles. St. Mary’s feast is not only attended by Christians, but people from all religions visit the basilica during this time. The holy environment of the church is very peaceful. St. Mary’s Basilica is located in midst of Cantonment area opposite to the Russell Market Square.

St. Mary’s Basilica - Mass Timings


06:00 in English
06:45 in Tamil
08:30 Mon, Tues & Fri in Tamil
08:30 Wed in Kannada
08:30 Thu in English
11:00 in Tamil
6:45 in Tamil
10:00 in Tamil (English on First Saturday)
11:15 in English (Tamil on First Saturday)
18:00 in Tamil

On Saturdays

06:00 in English
07:00 in Tamil
08:00 in Tamil
09:15 in Kannada
11:00 in Tamil
18:00 in English

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