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Guardian Angel Church

Before the construction of new building which was named as ‘Guardian Angel Church’ by Fr. Gaulbert Noronha, a mass was celebrated by Fr. Gaulbert Noronha at the house of Mr. John Coelho. This church is surrounded by Milagres, Bendore, Cordel and cathedral at Nagori in Mangalore. It was founded on 1st of March, 1935.


The Guardian Angel Church was built with the contribution of many great people. Two Sisters of Charity gave 6 acres of land in order to construct a new church. Mr. George Lobo helped in the construction of the church by donating Rs. 6000. A statute was donated by Fr. Edward Lobo and the same was inaugurated on 30th June, 1940. Mr. Everest D’Souza donated a bell and a sum of Rs. 1000 was donated by Mr. A.R. D’Souza. A monthly bulletin was started by Fr. John Sebastian Titus Rodrigues and he also constructed a golden jubilee memorial hall inaugurated in 1985.

The marble altar was donated by Mr. Simon Rasquinha in 1972. Construction of the portico and belfry was made by Fr. Gregory D’Souza in 1977. The bishop of Mangalore and Rev. Sr. Provincial of Sisters of Charity made an agreement and both agreed upon it. The conditions of the agreement were:

  • For the intentions of sisters of charity, one holy mass will be celebrated each year.
  • The spiritual needs of the sisters will be catered by the parish priest making sure that there might be no difficulty caused to the people.
  • A land of 6 acres was donated by the sisters of charity to the Angelore parish in order to construct church, presbytery, cemetery and much more.

Afterwards, a new parish council was established of which, Mr. John Pereira was the first vice president and the first secretary of the parish council was Mr. Benjamin Xavier. In the initial years of establishment of parish, Mr J.B. Rasquinha, a well known musician and dramatist, was the devout Sacristan. Further, Sisters of Charity inaugurated a primary school dedicated o the guardian angel church on 1st June, 1936 which was later converted into a higher primary school. Initially, the school had 3 classrooms and 2 teachers, but at present, it is providing education to about 700 children who belong to different class, backgrounds in the surrounding locality.

First Church Building for Angelore Parish

As ‘Angelore’ refers to the ‘place of angels’, therefore the parish area was named as Angelore because patron of parish was guardian angel church. When in 1936, a number of donations were made in the name of the parish, in the same year, Sisters of Charity permitted the construction of the road which was connected to the road of proposed new church. Rev. Fr. Gaulbert Noronha was appointed as the parochial administrator who was responsible for the first permanent building for the church and presbytery. He was parish Chaplin from 3rd march, 1935 to 31st December, 1946.

Mass Timings

Timings of Holy Eucharist

  • On Sundays - 5:30 a.m, 7:30 a.m       
  • Saturday Evening- 5:30 p.m.  
  • For Children on Sunday - 9:45 a.m

Weekdays (Monday to Saturday)

  • Morning: 6:30 a.m.
  • Evening: 5:30 p.m.

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