Camp grounds serve as the major source for the various kinds of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed but utilizing minimal number of comforts but yet not disturbing the adjoining environment. The method of camping also serves as one of the major way of connecting oneself to nature. The camps can be enjoyed along the rivers, beaches, top of hill, heritage sites, national forests, lakes, falls etc.

The campers can also enjoy different type of camps like tent campaigning, tree top tents, sleeping beneath the stars and cabin campaigning.

State of Karnataka has many types of camping grounds for its campers.


Wild Wag Tail Camping

This outdoor camp ground serves as a ground for different types of activities that can include mountain biking, horse trekking, ATV rides, trekking etc. One can also take the leisure time of Barbequing, campfire, angling, swim in Manmade Lake, music etc.

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp

This place is located on Tirthahalli hill at a distance of 12 km from Shimoga. The campers can easily enjoy the elephants encountering. The camp area is located in the vicinity of the herbal garden and the campers can enjoy walking through herbal trails, boating and trekking.

Kulagi Timber Trails Camp

Located in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 12 km from Dandeli this place serves as an ideal place for jungle safaris, cave exploration, timber trails, and hornbill safari. One can easily spot the hornbill species at this location. There are total of six number of hornbill species.

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