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High Rope Traversing

High rope traversing can be defined as the method where the rope is attached to different points at a certain height with a harness attached and the participant performing this activity is made further attached to this harness for support. The other method is where this can be practiced on a slope taking support of gravity but in such a case the two distinct points must be at same level. These types of techniques have been practiced since 1990 for the purpose of evacuation, rescue in the valleys and forests. This technique can also be useful at the time of floods or any other natural calamities.

High rope traversing is considered as one of the adventurous sports that can be done in different ways one of which is crossing the river that is done by tying the two ends of the rope to two different ends of the river horizontally.

High rope traversing in river crossing is done by anchoring one end of rope to the bank of river while the other end is anchored to another end of bank. This method makes it easy to cross the river without getting wet.

The participant doing the high rope traversing is strapped with the harness that is further attached to the rope that supports the doer to move towards the other end. This activity of high rope traversing can be done all throughout the year.

Few of the destinations in Karnataka, where one can enjoy high rope traversing are Ramanagaram, Antergange and Savanadurga.

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