Adventure sports and activities are gaining popularity as ways to release stress, to relax and do physical exercise at the same time. Karnataka is one of the favorite destinations for trekkers in India because the terrain, especially around Bengaluru is perfect for trekking. The trekking trails of Karnataka are located mostly in the Western Ghats. Large stretches of wilderness and the element id surprise make trekking here such a wonderful experience. Trekking across the untrodden paths brings you close to nature and relaxes you from within. Trekking offers a great way to explore the scenic beauty of nature. It is a whole new world of adventure and excitement.


Karnataka’s topography is perfect for trekking and it has more than 200 trekking destinations.

The Ramanagara Trek

The rocky hills and boulders make this location ideal for trekking. Located 50 kms away from Bengaluru, this is the most popular trekking spot.

Nandi Hills

Located at a distance of 60 km from Bangalore, this is a popular tourist destination. The altitude of the hill is 1,478 meters and it is perfect for trekking. Around 1200 steps have been laid out from the foot to the hill top.

Bramhagiri Hills

The Bramhagiri wildlife sanctuary, located 10 km from the Irupu falls is popular among trekking enthusiasts. Surrounded with evergreen forests, this location offers captivating views while trekking.

Savandurga Trek

This is the best place for trekking for beginners. This spot lies close to Bangalore and has an elevation of 1200 metres. The slopes are comparatively gentler and are suited for beginners. The surroundings are beautiful and this place also offers opportunities for cave exploration.

Shivagange Trek

The hills stand tall, offering a challenging trek. The terrain is rocky and rough, and is ideal for this adventure sport. The hills are intimidating but the clear blue skies and the beautiful sculptures along the way are a treat to the eyes.

Apart from these, there are several other trekking destinations across the state that is equally popular among trekking enthusiasts.


With around 200 trekking destinations, Karnataka is the favorite state for trekking enthusiasts who flock the various trekking destination. Karnataka is emerging rapidly is as a prime location for adventure sports. The rocky Western Ghats offers ideal spots for trekking. Trekking enthusiasts from different places visit Karnataka for the perfect trekking experience. Dotting with Rocky Mountains, rough hills and boulders, Karnataka has everything that a perfect trekking spot should have. The scenic beauty that the state offers is beyond compare and this is another reason for its popularity. Apart from the excitement and challenges offered here, this state also gives serenity and peace and rejuvenates the soul.


Trekking might not be as easy as it seems to be. Certain precautionary measures need to be taken for your own safety. Your luggage must consist of certain things that are mandatory to be carried. If you are heading for and adventure trip and are looking of an unforgettable experience, safety must be paid attention to. Certain trekking tips and guidelines are to be kept in mind.

Safety Tips

  • Make it a point to study the weather report before heading out for a trekking trip. Trekking must be avoided during bad weather.
  • Since the weather can change during your trek, always carry a windsheeter or a raincoat to keep yourself and your baggage from getting wet.
  • Bring along a multi pocket carry bag with cushioned shoulder straps for comfort. Make sure that the bag is spacious enough for all the stuff that is needed to be carried.
  • Some essential things to be carried are- lighter, water bottle, space blanket, Swiss army knife and an emergency light.
  • Wear full sleeved shirts and full pants to prevent insect bites.
  • Carry a trekking rope of 50 metres length.

Health Tips

Apart from the safety guidelines, there are a few health tips that needs you need to pay attention to before heading out for a trekking trip.

  • It is advisable to get a medical fitness test done. It is quintessential to be fit for the trekking trip that you are planning.
  • Consider having medical precautions for diseases like malaria, typhoid, hepatitis etc.
  • Carry proper prescribed medicines for ailments that you are already suffering from.
  • Uncomfortable shoes can hurt your feet. Always wear proper and comfortable trekking shoes that are ideally half a size bigger than the regular shoes that you wear.
  • Food items that are high in carbohydrates must be carried.
  • Remember to cover your neck area especially if the weather is changing.

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