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White Water Rafting

White water Rafting is a thrilling and challenging recreational sports activity carried out with a help of a raft to navigate through White Water River. Right from the mid of 1970s, this has become the most popular water sports in India. For nature lovers, trekking and adventure sports are always a fascinating event with good options for white water rafting in Karnataka. One should have hands-on experience in the thrilling and mystery combined white water rafting in the state of Karnataka. Karnataka possess various regions like Dandeli, Marawanthe, Sitanadi, Kemphole, Honnermardu, Karawr and Devbagh where river rafting thrills thousands of tourists. The main reason behind this excitement is River Cauvery, River Kali and backwaters of popular Shravanthi that permits various adventurous sports activities. There are various rafting rental outlets and schools located around these places that help in training people to enjoy their vacation to its fullest.


  • Dandeli is a perfect destination in northern region of Karnataka for people who like to have their vacation in natural atmosphere. This place is a perfect blend of scenic beauty and modernized city surrounded by famous wildlife habitat and deciduous forest. Rare species of animals and birds roam in this hilly terrain and deep valleys. The place is easily reachable even for international travelers and is located about 125 km from the city of Goa. Apart from white water rafting, one can also enjoy picnics, crocodile watching, tiger watching, bird watching, boating, nature walks, night camps and small trips to nearest temples and caves.
  • Bheemeshwari is another important spot for river rafting in the state of Karnataka. The place is located exactly right in center of thick forest surrounded in the hands of misty clouds. This hill station lies along the banks of river Cauvery. White waters in this river deliver a kind of thrilling and excitement to tourists.
  • Along the popular river Shravanthi, there is a mind blowing spot called Honnermardu. This is another excellent spot for white water rafting along with numerous small islands situated all around.
  • Kondaji is another famous white water rafting spot is Karnataka. This spot lies very close to Davangere. The scenic beauty delivered by this place cannot be explained in words. On both the sides of waterway one can trace out small size hamlets and lavish and thick green forests. One can also spot wild animals and birds at this region. This is definitely an outstanding destination to make kayaking or river rafting experience, the most exciting and unforgettable moment.
  • Agumbe is a small village situated near Shimoga, on banks of the River Sita. Agumbe is the favorite hotspot for people who love for a thrilling river rafting. The occurrence of good volume of rain during every monsoon season, rafting and kayaking experiences gets rougher and wilder delivering power packed enjoyment in adventure sports. While rafting along Sita River, one should not miss the gorgeous and amazing waterfall that lies in this landscape.
  • River Barapole situated in the southern region of Kodagu is known to be one among the highly dangerous rafting spot by numerous rafters. It is compulsory to undergo specialized training before proceeding for water rafting at this place. The turbulent Barapole River that passes through the highly dense forests lying inside the Bramhagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Various Rapids that are uniquely named like Big Bang, Wicked Witch, Grasshopper and Morning Coffee form an interesting part of this rafting route.


To make the white water rafting experience safe and fun, one should follow simple tips before, during and after rafting. It includes:

  • Never prefer to go alone for rafting
  • Know your physical capabilities and limitations as a swimmer
  • Have good knowledge about the classifications of river and be prepared
  • Always check out local white water rafting regulations
  • Wear comfortable helmet and life vest
  • Always wear proper water shoes
  • Keep a constant check on the equipment
  • Never prefer to raft in dark
  • Always drink plenty of water before, after and during rafting
  • Never try to drag the paddle in water

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