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Bird Watching

The Karnataka state is adorned with almost 5151 different species of birds. Several regions of the state of Karnataka are known for ornithology. Since 1990, birding has emerged as one of the major hobbies and currently, large numbers of people have been involving themselves into this activity. The state of Karnataka has various locations all over the places for bird watching. The fact is Karnataka has been ranked as largest hub for the birders in the Karnataka. Few of the bird watching clubs in India are Birdwatcher’s field club of India, Mysore Amateur Naturalists, Bhuvanendra Nature Club, Merlin Nature Club, and Wildlife Aware Nature Club. Few of the guides of the bird watcher groups in the country are Zafar Futehally, Joseph George, S. Subramanya, J.C. Utangi, S. Sridhar, Late S. A. Hussain and many more.

Best Time for Visit

When one wants to watch the migrated birds or the breeding birds like water fowls one can visit Karnataka any tome for catching glimpse of various species of birds.

The best time is considered the season of summer when one wants to enjoy bird watching. This is the time of dry deciduous and teak forests the time when leaves fall off and the forest looks almost naked and hence the visibility to catch the glimpse of different birds increases.

During monsoon season, one can enjoy the green and lush forest and birds playing hide and seek in heavy bushes.

Winter season is best time when one wants to watch the glimpses of migratory birds.

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