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The efficient performance of the south Indian state of Karnataka combined with its tall hills and sprawling expanses of barren land make this place one of the most suitable for aero sports activities. Though these sports test the physical and mental courage of tourists, they are loaded with lots of fun and entertainment. Once tourists get familiarized with the activities, they can enjoy it to a great extent. These games involve flying and gliding up the sky through paragliding, hang gliding and micro light aircraft. Professional trainers are available for training for tourists who are interested to participate in these thrilling activities.


Parasailing, para gliding and hang gliding activities are carried out in Karnataka with great fervor and excitement. There are varying topography levels in the state which make these activities possible. Hoskote, located at about 22km from Bangalore, is one of the most preferred destinations for parasailing, as there are ample opportunities here for enjoying being tossed up high in the air. Another famous spot known as Nandi Hills is the preferred spot for enjoying paragliding and hang gliding activities.


Bengaluru, Coorg and Nandi Hills are some of the common places where aero sports are highly popular.  Paragliding is a sport where one is tossed up high into the air with the use of thermals. One feels like a bird while doing this. Para jumping is a similar sport that has many takers. If the climate is compatible for these kinds of events, tourists get to be suspended in the air for a longer period of time.

The phenomenal beauty of the Jakkur airstrip, close to the Hebbal Lake in the city of Bangalore, is perfect for the activity of micro flying. There are lots of schools and professional trainers here to tech the art of micro flying to interested candidates. Karnataka is also a preferred state for hang-gliding activities. The city of Bangalore plays host to the annual aero sport of jamboree. Attended by lots of local and international tourists, this event is marked by the display of the latest aviation technologies.


Para gliding, para sailing, hang gliding and micro flying are some of the most commonly played aero sports events. Anybody with an eye for adventure and excitement can participate in these, irrespective of whether he or she is a professional or amateur. Some of the must-follow fundamental guidelines to be followed while tourists are being tossed up in the air are as follows:

  • It is recommended that tourists get some basic training on aero sports, or join related clubs before indulging in these sports events.
  • Tourists must understand all the risk factors that accompany these adventurous events. One must indulge in this only if one has the required physical and mental courage for the same.
  • Once you are high up in the air, forget your fear and just focus on the thrill that the game brings you.

For Paragliding

  • Ensure that you have proper training before taking to participate in this. You must know to ride on a glider.
  • You must possess the necessary physical and mental fitness.
  • Basic techniques like riding, turning and balancing the glider should be learnt before participating in this event.
  • Keep listening to your experts carefully on the instructions that he gives while participating in the event. All tips, instructions and guidelines given by the trainer should be followed diligently.
  • Safety tips, dos and don’ts and aerodynamic techniques told by the instructor should be given special attention to. Before sailing up in the air, all relevant ground training should be done.
  • Always be aware of the safety instructions, weather turbulence conditions and other features before travelling into the air. You should be mentally fit to face and get over all kinds of difficulties that you might encounter in your path.
  • Glider must always be overblown and should be fit enough to withstand all kinds of thermal disturbances.
  • Parachute and helmet are some of the basic pre-requisites that you need to carry while going on a paragliding trip. A vario-meter could help you to understand and track the rise and fall of your glider so that you could adjust accordingly.

For Hang Gliding

  • Follow the instructions of your trainer properly and carry all mandatory equipment with you like the wind speed meter and indicators. This will help you to adjust your movements and ensure that you land safely on the ground.
  • The hang gliders that you carry to the area from where you are going to paraglide should be light and easy to carry.
  • While changing or adjusting the hang strap, you must be very careful. Even small loops can change the balance of your flight indicators on your glider. Always ensure that you use steel and locked carabineer while adjusting your straps.
  • A helmet covering full face and a parachute should be carried by at all times when you opt for hang gliding events.

For Ballooning

  • The right kind of clothes and the correct kind of sports shoes are very import while taking up ballooning activity.
  • There are high chances that you might be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun; hence you must protect yourself with a nice pair of sunglasses and hat.
  • It is highly recommended that you must take up this activity during early morning to avoid the hot sun rays in the afternoon. You must be fully aware of the weather conditions, wind speed and all other relevant factors before participating in this.

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