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Bhagsunag Fall

Present Scenario of Bhagsunag Falls

Bhagsunag falls which is 11 kms away from Dharamshala town is well known for its old temples, waterfalls, slate queries and fresh water springs. It is the main charm of McLeod Ganj and is devoted to Lord Shiva with natural water spring. The view of the pure water flowing out of the waterfall and the smog originating from the 20 feet high fall gives a cheerful experience. The way towards the fall is a bit work of hard work as it needs to climb on the hill halfway to reach the waterfall. During monsoon, the waterfall gets converted into 30 feet torrent on the sides of mountains that resembles the scheduled doodles and also has beautiful snowfalls in winters. Therefore, the visits during the mid winters can be avoided. Bhagsu village is famous as a picnic spot and is a central of Bhagsunath temple and Bhagsu falls. The waterfall is situated on the central road which connects McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala. This waterfall gets dried up in the month of April till the arrival of rainy season. It is a huge and beautiful fall which is a hub of tourist attraction. The tourists love to swim across the cold water which gives the pleasant and refreshing experience. It gives a soothing and pleasant experience of the marvellous Himalayas. The best time to visit the waterfalls is from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.  It is also visited by many Hindu pilgrims as it is also a significant place for Hindu excursion.

Why to Visit Bhagsunag Falls

Cuddled with gigantic hills, it is a beautiful place in McLeod Ganj and is a charming place for tourism and excursion. It is a well known tourist place and a wonderful place for Hindu pilgrimage. The dribble of waterfall provides a spectacular look during the monsoon. It is just 11 kms from Dharamshala and directly connects with Gaggal Airport and Pathankot Railway Station by roadways. The Bhagsunag temple means a lot for the Ghurkhas by whom Kangra was aquatinted in the 19th century which was reconstructed by them. It also has various eatery restaurants near to the place which had always been the hub of tourists. Along with Lord Shiva, it is also dedicated to the snake god Bhagsu Nag. Another fable tale associated with the place Bhagsu is that it had a king named Bhagsu who’s well known as the powerful serpent defeater. It was after the incident that the temple was built by the king.

How to Reach

It is situated on hill top and you need climb the hill halfway but the panoramic beauty of the waterfalls would remove all your tiredness. As it receives heavy snowfall in winters, it is suggested not to travel in mid winter. Being an area of extreme grassy slopes and the chunks of woodland, you can also enjoy the camping in the woods.

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Bhagsunag Fall
Bhagsunag Fall
Bhagsunag Fall
Bhagsunag Fall
Bhagsunag Fall
Bhagsunag Fall

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