The state of Himachal Pradesh has gained popularity for its picturesque and panoramic views and the 3 caves found here offer another significant reason to visit the state. These caves are tabo caves located in Lahaul and Spiti, Arjun Gufa located in Manali, and Vyas Caves located in Pithoragarh.

Vyas Caves

Found in close proximity of Kalapani in Pithoragarh district, cave of Vyas is situated at an altitude of 3600 m. This is a well known as all the 18 Puranas, Brahma Sutra, and Mahabharatha got composed by the Ved Vyasa in this cave hence it is referred to as Vyas Cave. There caves originated in the town of Vyaspur which is currently named as Bilaspur in the state of Himachal Pradesh. As located at the Satluj bank, this place is meant to be the Holy place in the Badrinath.

Other attractions nearby the caves are Kalapani spring, Budhi, Kali temple, and Gunji. These caves remain enwrapped with snow and having mountains accompanied by forests of Juniper and Pine in its surroundings. These caves are not easily approachable and therefore rock climbing becomes necessary. For the tourists visiting this place, there are facilities of paragliding, hand gliding along with trekking offered here adding to their excitement and the Uttaranchal tourism shoulders this responsibility quite well.

A large part of Saraswati River is grabbed by this Vyas cave at the meeting point of river of Alaknanda. From this place, one can also avail the picturesque view of the Saraswati river. The people from the lowest region are able to have a glance of this landscape view of Saraswati river. The people who visited Badrinath also got the opportunity to see the statue of Vyasa Rishi in this cave. These caves are also accompanied by the Ganesha caves.

Arjun Gufa

The Gufa of Arjun is considered to be a popular destination preferred by tourists coming to Manali. In the close proximity of Naggar, merely 5 km away, the cave of Arjuna is found to be located in Manali. The cave of Arjuna has a historical significance and therefore it becomes a place of interest for tourists. As the name suggests, the cave of Arjuna is related to hero Arjuna from the epic had been the third Pandava who used to meditate here for getting Astra of Pashupata from the Lord Indra.

Besides the mythological importance of this cave, it gained popularity due its immense natural splendor offered by snow covered peaks of Himalayas in the lap of alpine forests. Found at the embankments of Beas river merely 3 miles distant from Manali, the place offers peace and tranquility to the villages in its vicinity as well. The Beas river passing by along with snow covered mountains is an epitome of immense beauty found in the ranges of Himalayas. These are the reasons that help to draw a large number of tourists to the state of Himachal Pradesh every year.

Tabo Cave

These caves are usually meant for the monks who meditate here and belong to the monasteries found in the nearby region. Some of the monks used this cave for their assembly according to the tradition. There are traces of grain storage as well as animals which can be depicted from the pictures exhibited here and hence people say that in ancient times thse caves have served the purpose of storage as well as animal habitatat.

There are some controversies also regarding these caves as few people say that it should be a place for meditation however people in the close by villages have been using it as toilets. So the use of these caves is still questionable.

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