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Himachal Pradesh, among the loveliest tourist attractions of the country, has quite a lot to offer to please one’s appetite, apart from being a sight for sore eyes. A delicious concoction of Tibetan and Punjabi style of cooking influences form the essence of the cuisine of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh’s people prefer preparing and eating food that is high on spices. Everyday food, however, is comprised of regular North Indian food that sits easy on the stomach, is simple to cook, and scores high on taste as well.

The food eaten by the people of Himachal Pradesh on a regular basis bears close parallels to most of North Indian food. They consume rice, broth, lentils, bread, and vegetables as a part of their day to day meals. The state sees greater proportion of non vegetarian food in its cuisine as compared to other North Indian states. Wheat bread and red meat together form the face of Himachali cuisine. Fragrant spices accompanying rich gravy form the base of several dishes prepared under the local cuisine. For visitors who take their time getting used to traditional Indian cuisine, noodles and dumplings or steamed/fried momos are easily available and are an instant hit. Madira, Chouck, Manee, Pateer, chutney made of til and Bhagjery are among the unique signature food of Himachal Pradesh.

Famous Food of Himachal Pradesh

Sidu is a famous kind of bread made of wheat flour, unique to the state’s food. The dough is left to rise till about four to five hours, after it is kneaded with yeast. It is steamed after browning it over a steady fire and stuffing it with fat. Common accompaniments of Sidu are dal (broth made of lentil), ghee (cleared butter), and mutton. Ankolas, which are made of rice flour, are prepared as a festive dish in various parts of Himachal Pradesh. Aktori- cakes made of wheat flour mixed with buckwheat leaves- are prepared in the dry valley of Lahaul-Spiti. The Sirmaur area specializes in making Patande, which is a kind of pancake.

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