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War Memorial

Dharamsala is situated in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and is the district headquarters of the Kangara District. Dalai Lama currently stays in McLead Ganj, a village in Dharamsala. It is a very popular tourist destination and has many popular destinations, one of them being the War Memorial. The War Memorial is just at the entrance of Dharamsala and is surrounded by sprawling gardens and little paths which lead you towards the Memorial with a trail of pines just like in storybooks. This Memorial was built to honour and remember those brave soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country in the Post Independence Era. A lot of thinking has gone in to justify this Memorial as a tribute to those brave souls like the walls of the memorial are curved to signify that these soldiers will always be alive in our thoughts, thus signifying their continuity of life. One can also find inscriptions of as far as 1046 stating important memorials. The new addition is the beautiful structure that serves snacks and beverages to the visitors just near to the Memorial. A visit to this memorial is a must to get the feel of patriotism while standing at the War Memorial of such brave souls.


This War Memorial is a beautiful tribute to the war heroes. Set amidst beautiful scenic surroundings and dense forest, the memorial is just set at the entrance of Dharamsala to honor the sacrifice made by the war heroes on the war fronts. The panels of black marble have the names inscribed on it of those martyrs who lost their life guarding the motherland. The operations of 1947-48, 1962, 1965, and 1971 and in various peacekeeping missions saw many of the soldiers fighting bravely for their country and not returning home. It was then decided to build a War Memorial with the names if those many heroes inscribed, giving a small token of respect and pride. They fought wholeheartedly for the country’s independence.


The War Memorial marks the entrance to the holy city of Dharamsala. The Memorial is placed amidst the lush green pine trees which pays tribute to the Great War heroes of the post Independence era hailing from Himachal Pradesh. Artistic landscape, sprawling lawns beautifully add to the beauty of the War Memorial. This location is an honored spot where the patriotic feelings and the memory of the huge sacrifice is very well evident when visited the location. The pine forest is the perfect location for this beautiful yet historic location in Himachal Pradesh. Also a café is situated very close to the War Memorial where fast food and beverages are served to cater to the tourists. This War Memorial is a spot where the beauty catches the eyes of many and the feel of patriotism and sacrifices fills those eyes and hearts with a tinge of sorrow and pride.


War Memorial marks the entrance of Dharamsala, the holy city. This city is located on the beautiful slopes of the Kangra Valley and the beautiful surroundings give this tourist spot a serene and calm appeal.

How to Reach

Dharamsala can be reached by air from Delhi and the nearest airport is at a place named Gaggal that is 13 km away from Dharamsala. The nearest broad gauge railway station that is in Pathankot is 85 km away and the toy train station is 17 km at Kangra. You can also get buses and taxis at both these locations for Dharamsala.

The drive from Pathankot takes about three hours or the drive from delhi via Chandigarh, Kiratput and Bilaspur that is 526 km takes about 12 hours. Luxury buses can also be booked from Delhi and Shimla to go to Dharamsala.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dharamsala is in summers as the winter chill is a little too much to handle for those coming from the plains. The cold breeze in summers is just the added benefit to enjoy the beautiful weather of the city of Himachal Pradesh which is a very famous tourist spot and is flocked by thousands of visitors during summers. In winters the temperature even drops to a freezing point where heavy woolens are required. Summers are always preferable to visit the beautiful small city which has its own beauty.

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War Memorial
War Memorial
War Memorial
War Memorial
War Memorial
War Memorial

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