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Kamlah Fort

The historic town Mandi is built along the Beas River which is the entrance to Kullu Valley. This place is famous for the 81 old stone temples with beautiful carvings. Due to its beauty, this is also known as the ‘Varanasi of Hills’. It is also an important example of colonial architecture. One of the famous and must visit places is Kamlah Fort. Kamlah Fort is in Kamlahgarh which is named after a local saint named Kamlah Baba. This spot is delight for the trekkers as the fort stands on the dreadful and dangerous terrain. This fort stands strong on the pointed ranges of Sikandar Dhar. This fort is 4772 feet high from the land and there are some villages around it. Villages like Chamba, Naun, Kamlah, Kathed, Shamsherpur, Jamandhar and others are some of those. Kamlahgarh has other forts as well like Chawki, Chabara, Padampur, Shamsherpur and Narsinghpur. The historical city was highlighted the best by Ajmer Singh in 1526 AD and was developed and declared as the princely caption in 1527 AD. The obtainable Mandi town was developed to a new town and declared as the capital city. Maharaja Ranjit Singh took over and conquered Mandi in 1839 but he passed away in the same year. After this, it led to the end of the Sikh rule and the Britishers slowly began to take over in the mid-18th century.


Raja Hari Sen started building the fort in the year 1625 at Sikandar Dhar which was further completed by his son Suraj Sen. The fort with a complex entrance has remained impregnable for centuries but in 1840 it was conquered by Bentura, Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s general. It was later restored 1846 by the Mandi Kings. Kamlah Fort in Himachal Pradesh is one of the strongest forts and was built from 1625-30 by the rulers of Kingdom of Mandi. Local officials tried their hands to form their own kingdoms after the collapse of Mughal Empire. The Mughal Faujdaar named Adina Beg who also employed soldiers in his army tried capturing Kamla Garh but stopped as he came to know about its strong standing. Another nearest ruler, Sansar Chand of Kangra imposed tribute on Mandi but could not win Kamlah Garh. Sansar Chand bought Sikh help to fend off a Gorkha attack and lost his own power and everybody began paying tribute to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. This gave more power to the Sikh army and after Ranjit Singh’s death; it was difficult to control the army for which the Lahore court arranged a campaign against Manal and Kulu under the French General Ventura. Ventura invited the ruler of Mandi, Balbir Sen, to his camp and deceitfully imprisoned him. The Dysnasty rulers ruled Mandi and some of them are Bhawani Sen and Joginder Sen, Shyam Sen, Gaur Sen, Shamsher Sen, Ishwari Sen Surma Sen. After their stint, it was then conquered in 1839 by Ranjit Singh.


This fort is built on a very dangerous height of 4772 ft from the base level. This is a trekker’s paradise that climbs through the rugged terrain to go to the fort.


Kamla Fort is in Kamlahgrah which is around 80 km from Mandi. It is on Sarkaghat-Joginder Nagar via  Dhrampur Road. Kamlahgarh Fort is one of the most important forts in the history of Mandi. It is in Sarkaghat Tehsil. This accommodation place mark is situated in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India and its geographical coordinates are 31° 48' 37" North, 76° 41' 0" East. Original name (with diacritics) of the place is Sarka Ghāt.

How to Reach


This locality is connected well to other places with many transport facilities available for the tourists. The main bus stand is just above an open playing field, where the National Highway- 21 continues along the river to Pandoh.


The nearest airport from Mandi is about 57 km in Bhuntar.


The railhead is at Pathankot and is of broad gauge. Mandi is at a distance of 210 km from Pathankot. The narrow gauge from Pathankot connects Joginder Nahgar which is 55 km from Mandi.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mandi is in the month of May to October with the right temperature to easily explore the beautiful paradise.

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Kamlah Fort
Kamlah Fort
Kamlah Fort
Kamlah Fort
Kamlah Fort
Kamlah Fort

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