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St Patrik's Church Dalhousie

If you are an ardent lover of hill stations this is the perfect getaway for you. Dalhousie is a combination of nature’s greenery and the sophistry of Victorian era. When you walk down the road of two kilometres from Dalhousie to the St. Patrick’s Church, you would be mesmerised by the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The church is amidst the nature for the last 104 years and has let the winds of the town pass through it for more than a century. Your visit to the St. Patrick’s Church can be as a devotee, or as a tourist or as a traveller. Don’t forget to capture the historic structure in your photographic frame because there are some places in the world that remain immortal that way.

History of the Church

St. Patrick’s Church is the largest church in Dalhousie city and it is a Roman Catholic Church. There are two significant groups amongst the Christians - the Catholics and the Protestants. This is a 104 year old church and was constructed back in 1909 in the Baloon Falls which is two kilometres from the main Dalhousie city.

Location of the Church

The exact location of the St. Patrick’s Church is near the Balloon Falls on Military Road in the Cantonment area two kilometres from the main Dalhousie town bus stand. Much of the credit for the construction of this church goes to the officers of British Army in the early 20th Century. For tourists it is a short drive from Dalhousie bus stand and also they can walk up two kilometres if they are enthusiastic enough. This church should never slip off your sight-seeing list because Dalhousie minus St. Patrick’s Church is a bland date with the town.

About the Church

The church is a shrine for Catholics and it is the biggest church of Dalhousie. It is a major tourist attraction having a total seating capacity of 300 devotees at a time on a Mass day. The church is constructed from dressed-stone material and is still well maintained. The St. Patrick’s Church falls under the diocese of Jalandhar as far as the governing authority is concerned. The church remains open on all days of the year and hold Sunday Mass every week and also is famous for the special prayer sessions on Christmas Eve and Good Friday. The church remains open for the public daily from 9am to 5pm.

The Structure of the St. Patrick’s Church

St. Patrick’s Church is made up of dressed-stone material and is maintained by the diocese of Jalandhar. It is a dome shaped structure and not conical like churches usually are. Yellowish orange lights illuminate the interiors and create a mystic ambiance in evenings. You will surely find solace when you walk inside the church.

Hotels around St. Patrick’s Church in Dalhousie

It is not at all a problem finding hotels around the St. Patrick’s Church in Dalhousie. It is a popular hill station so hotels are plenty here. If you are looking for budget hotels then be clear in your mind about the cost you can afford and then you can book a hotel of your choice and suitability. You can book hotels on a prior basis online as nowadays everything is available on the internet. You don’t have to worry about the transport system because Himachal Pradesh is a very tourist friendly state and buses and rented cars are available at your convenience. If your work out your vacation schedule well, your trip can be tailor made combined with your sight-seeing of the St. Patrick’s Church with other attractions of the town. It is not only a tourist attraction but also a significant chapter of India’s glorifying past. Every wall speaks volumes of the army during the British Raj and their contributions in its inception.

Climate and Weather Conditions of Dalhousie

Himachal Pradesh remains severe during the winters and thus if you are paying a visit between November and March then be a bit careful with scheduling your vacation. It snows occasionally during the months of December and January and you have to be very cautious when you book cabs and buses at that time. The summer temperature remains between 18 degree and 25 degree Celsius. Summer rain is very occasional but months of July and August may experience rainfall.

Best Time to Visit Dalhousie

The best time to visit Dalhousie is between the months of May and September. Travelling is easy, there is less fog in the morning and sunset is late. Plan your visit in such a way that you spend a day at Dalhousie, enjoy the other local places like the St. John’s Church and Panch Kulla and then visit St. Patrick’s Church in late afternoon. In this case you would be able to see the sunset from this place which is a breathtaking view. Take a stroll around the church and admire nature, breathe in the pure air and spend a quiet dusk at the church.

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