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St Patricks R C Church At Dagshai

Himachal brings to your feet the mischievous clouds and tickles your windscreen with the fog that nods no to move away. If you are a tourist who has the habit of capturing everything you pay a visit to, then keep your lens ready for the magnificent St. Patrick’s Church in Dagshai. Drive into the Solan district and cross the chestnut trees and the cherry groves. The oaks and pines will sway themselves with your arrival and welcome you with shaman shadows.

The Magical Aura of the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

The serenity of the church gifts you the slice of Himachal that you not only take back but it makes you come back again and again. The cobbled stone roads of Kasauli and the antique shops make you go back to the Victorian era of romanticism. The lonely paths through the apple orchards and the pine groves take you to a never ending destination. When the church bell rings in the evening, the sound echoes and comes back to you as a boomerang of lost dreams. You take one step at a time towards the stone stairs and enter the church. The tinted windows welcome you with all the spiritual solace you were looking for. The wooden benches lay still as if it was waiting for you. You lit a candle on the altar and touch the cold surface of impeccable marble. It gives you goose bumps to think how old it is. The age that you count in your head totals to 161 years.

About St. Patrick’s Church, Dagshai

The full name being St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, it is often called St. Patrick’s R.C. Church. You can very well understand that it is predominantly for Catholic devotees and Protestants usually don’t come here for prayer sessions. It remains open for all on all days of the year. It is a major tourist attraction of Solan district and it is within a crow’s fly distance from the famous hill town of Kasauli. It is a 161 year old shrine and people considered it as a place of worship since time immemorial. Everything about St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is unique and takes you back in time.

History of the Church

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church was the first church to be built in the Dagshai cantonment area and takes pride in being one of the biggest churches in northern India. The first construction plan was passed in the month of August 1835 and was completed in 1852. The total cost of the construction was Rs 5030 at that time. The church was renovated for the first time by Rev. Augustine in 1861 who built the interiors well again and repaired the altar and the seats. The St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church was looked after earlier the missionaries of the English province who used to serve the Irish soldiers who were posted in Dagshai and Kasauli. Currently it is under the diocese of Shimla-Chandigarh.


The exact location of the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is on the Cherry Cross Road that falls between the military hospital and the headquarters. If measured the altitude then the height of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is 6,000 feet above sea level.

Structure of the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

Each and everything that comprises of the interior of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church silently whispers the commendable architecture of the Victorian era. The wooden interiors are well maintained from decay and damp walls are renovated every few years. The red stone floor creates an old world ambiance and the flickering candles on the white marble altar engulf you in an unexplainable romanticism. George O. Weston had erected this marble altar in memory of his wife Mary Rebecca.

How to Get There

Kasauli is a quaint little town in the lap of the hills and is at a close distance from Chandigarh and Shimla. A few hours’ drive can get you to this place and buses and hired cars are plenty. St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is situated at Dagshai which is just a little while from Kasauli main town. Dagshai is a tranquil little place that boasts of one of the best churches in the country.

Climate and Weather Conditions

The climate is good between May and September and there is hardly any rainfall that is disturbing. In July and August, occasional monsoons make it hard for you to travel on hills. In the winter months December and January and some weeks of February, the city experiences snowfall and the passes in the upper altitude get blocked. Summer temperature remains steady at a range between 18 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius. You might not find the snowline if the sun is high and the Trans Himalayas are then the best trekking routes. The environment around the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church is very pleasant and an evening spent at the church is a very romantic idea.

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